TrackResults announces monthly Performance Index

In yet another industry first, TrackResults has implemented a monthly email program for opt-in subscribers that shares aggregated, industry-wide metrics of tour volume, average close rate, and average nVPG. This data allows timeshare operators to measure their performance against industry benchmarks that are based on raw data rather than data that has been massaged and self-reported. The sharing of this data marks the first time in Timeshare Industry history that data this accurate and recent has been made publically available.

The industry standard KPI’s in the monthly emails are calculated using best practices and are reviewed internally to ensure accuracy and eliminate sensitive, protected, and/or non-uniform data. This State of the Industry data achieves a level of accuracy and detail that has never been previously available. TrackResults data methodology is based on actual data provided by TrackResults users. This establishes first-in-the-industry actionable KPI benchmarks that can be measured against individual sales center performance to set goals as opposed to self-reported surveys.

TrackResults monthly emails also contain interesting and randomized facts demonstrating how clients can use the TrackResults software platform to reduce costs or increase profit margins. Additional industry data will begin to be released on TrackResults Facebook and Twitter accounts in early 2017. To be placed on the email distribution list, contact

Additional aggregated data can be provided in either one-time or recurring custom reports including but not limited to nVPG, sales volume, tour volume, show rates, and market performance.

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About TrackResults
TrackResults Software, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a cloud-ware business application that has helped more than 250 sales and marketing centers track and analyze more than 40,000 sales and marketing professionals. This timeshare software platform provides crucial Business Intelligence and Sales Reporting and is accessible from any web-enabled device or web browser. Capable of tracking results of teams, organizations, sales-forces and marketing campaigns, TrackResults’ mission is to sharpen and provide the competitive edge to every team that wants to raise the bar, and get to the next level of performance and profitability. For more information visit