The Personal Touch

With the beginning of a new year we understand that goals and resolutions are a very large part of how people assess their life’s achievements and make memories. Setting goals and placing a deadline on them are how we achieve personal success, and looking back is how we track our victories. Travel plays a memorable position as our life events unfold and we reflect as the year comes to a close.

It just so happens that travel planning is our expertise. Some of our fondest memories are played out in scenes of where and when we have traveled. Our 5-Star Service helps guide our members when they may not know exactly where they want to travel. We walk the member through all aspects of planning; what kind of experience they are looking for and what is their budget. Travel To Go benefits the member that doesn’t always have the luxury of time or budget. Sadly, we hear from new members how, in the past, when they’ve booked their own vacations they didn’t always seem to meet their expectations. With our 5-Star Service we help identify our member’s lifetime travel goals and get them on their ideal vacation. We take the “guess-work” out of travel.

Why do we give our members 5-Star Service and how does the personal touch affect us as a company and as an industry? We receive testimonials from our members, lots and lots of testimonials. We have compiled books of them for our distributors. The volumes are so large and heavy, that as a focus point, some of the presenters deliberately drop them on the floor and let the echo bounce off the walls of the presentation room to help the listeners understand the magnitude of the volume. They are huge personal historical records of “Having a great time…”, “I never dreamed…”, “We are having the time of our lives…”, “This is the trip of a lifetime for us…”, “I never thought I could afford this…”, “the kids are so happy…”, “I worked my whole life for this…”. “ Thank you…[travel agent].” When our members identify one of our travel agents by name to their experience, it informs us we are on the right track and builds a relationship with not only the brand, but also the agent, the speaker that presented it, the VLO that buttoned it up and the marketing company that invited them to the presentation. This process displays the value of the experience and pride of accomplishment to our distributors, their staff, and the others down the chain that made the event possible for the soon-to-be-member. It is a steady process of personal experience that leads to the best means of reputation management a company can have… word of mouth advertising. This reputation does not affect only Travel To Go, but the whole line of industry professionals involved with our brand. There is no substitute for word of mouth advertising, the action transcends demographic or target marketing.

When you consider selling a travel club plan, customer satisfaction beyond the price points increases the end yield for any distributor. We as business owners know it is not what you make up front, but what you keep at the end of the year. We also know as consumers, when a product delivers its promises we stay loyal. Lower rescission rates,
lower charge back challenges, phones being answered, questions being addressed and most of all the benefit of online and personal care make a large difference.

With all of these methods in place, it’s no wonder why Travel To Go won “The Best Membership Program” Award at GNEX 2014 and The ARDA “ACE Community Service” Award at ARDA World 2014. We understand and care about people to a degree of excellence yet to be matched by our competition.