The future of the travel club industry is looking bright. People are traveling more; the cost of gas is dropping and giving more opportunities for people to get out of the house. The days of proving that the travel club industry can thrive are over and the industry is established. The focus now will be how to align with the changing needs of the consumers, not only the established base of current travel club members, but the integration of the changing age demographics and their needs. This is where service and brand loyalty come in to play.

Devoting our company focus to building relationships with our members and keeping our name in the community is one avenue that Travel To Go has relied on in the past and present. These are the reasons why Travel To Go was the winning choice of The Best Membership Program Award at GNEX 2014 and the ACE Community Service Award at ARDA 2014. Focusing on the statistical demographics of building a base product for the newer entrants in the travel market is a constant direction Travel To Go is aware of and has set its course. Gaining access to the remarkable millennial generation that is now taking the helm of a large part of travel market share, our product servicing and benefits have taken a new elevated direction. Not to deplete our current benefits packages, but a newer plan has been created to make a more robust and easy to navigate product offering with such great values perspective that it makes traveling easy and relaxing… for all generations.

Travel To Go believes that giving the best deal to the consumer is not only important to the traveler but to the social base they are contained in. Word spreads fast among happy clients. With the stresses that the millennial generation is now dealing with, getting away is not only important but a necessity. Recent statistics show the millennial generation is not only traveling further, but educated on where they want to go. This generation also has a clear understanding of what they want to do when they get there. Providing an easy to use travel schematic with unmatchable pricing enables them to achieve that goal. With job technicality at an all-time high, our achievements at Travel To Go relieve the pressures of getting there and simplify that part of life’s process.

Travel To Go invites your curiosity to explore that world with us, whether as a distributor or as a client, come see the Travel To Go difference. Communication, integrity and product results are a main staple of our business model. “Making dreams come true” is our company motto. Making your goals a reality is our endeavor as it pertains to travel and life experiences. Honesty and results are never an antiquated philosophy. It is more than the money to our company, it’s about being the best, for consumers and distributors alike.