Rimco Marketing Products, Inc. a custom packaging company in business since 1984, has added Tuch Tablets as an industry partner.

Tuch was the electronic menu idea of co-founders Josh Banayan and Jarrod Carr for an Entrepreneurship Program. When Tyler Martin, Technical Founder joined them, Tuch Tablets was launched in 2013.

Tablet menus and resort directories have been around for several years. However, Tuch has produced the easiest and most intuitive in the marketplace. With web-based tools, the chef or manager can make menu changes immediately — to offer specials for example, or delete sold-out items. The system collects valuable data, tracks sales and trends and assists with real-time inventory.

Rather than creating programs for commercially available tablets, Tuch tablets are manufactured to serve specific functions which make them cost effective. The result are tablets that serve restaurants, hotels and resorts, giving them control over content and the ability to make changes as needed. All information is loaded electronically and immediately in house or from a remote location, saving time, eliminating print cost and the expense of changing out printed menu or in-room directory pages that contain outdated information. Additionally, Tuch Tablets do not interfere with any current systems an establishment has in place.

Many corporations are immersed in green initiatives and Tuch Tablets advance compliance quickly, easily and are a natural progression from paper “With Tuch there are no limits to what can be implemented because they are the manufacturer, program developer and trainer, and we are thrilled to be part of their sales team”, stated Connie Jones, President of Rimco. “We will be demonstrating Tuch tablets and technology at ARDA 2016 in Hollywood, Florida on the exhibit floor in Rimco’s Booth 911”.

For more information or a demonstration, contact Rimco Marketing Products in Orlando, 800.683.1883 and visit rimcoinc.com for an overview of Tuch on our website.