LeisureLink to connect Rental Network Software clients with industry’s largest online distribution channels

Rental Network Software, more commonly known as RNS, has announced a preferred partnership agreement with LeisureLink, expanding the services provided to their shared clients. RNS develops, supports, and sells a full-featured Property Management Software to cater to the needs of Vacation Rental Companies, HOA’s, RV Parks, Marinas, and Timeshares. LeisureLink is the leading distribution management technology and service provider for the timeshare and vacation rental market.

The two-way RNS – LeisureLink interface provides client partners with seamless communication between their technology platforms. The result is an automated system that efficiently improves inventory distribution through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and all the key Online Travel Agency (OTA) websites. Users of RNS systems will be able to activate LeisureLink as a channel partner to build and manage their property listings and send data to the LeisureLink network in real-time without any additional effort.

“RNS is dedicated to providing long-term support and growth to meet the needs of our partners,” says Bob Ackerman, VP of Sales and Marketing/Partner for RNS. “The world of online distribution is evolving at a rapid pace. LeisureLink is rising to meet the demands for increased exposure and revenue management services, along with many other industry needs. Our company’s share common goals to provide innovation and expert support that ultimately our shared customer base will greatly profit from.”

LeisureLink has delivered over $1B in bookings to vacation rental management companies by providing integrated, easy-to-use access to all leading online distribution channels. LeisureLink CEO, Julian Castelli, adds, “A partnership between RNS and LeisureLink was inevitable since both companies strive to meet and exceed the emerging needs of the lodging industry. Providing seamless access to the industry’s top online travel distribution channels, LeisureLink offers a unique layer of service to RNS customers, which complements the services they already enjoy. We are excited to work with RNS Vacation Rental Software and know that our partnership will lead to increased revenue and profitability.”

Rental Network Software is a member of LeisureLink’s Certified Partner Program. The LeisureLink Certified Partner Program is working to support stronger sales through smarter partnerships that foster a symbiotic relationship. RNS clients interested in learning more about the integration and connecting to LeisureLink are invited to visit leisurelink.com/partners/RNS-partner or call 1-855-840-2249.

About RNS
RNS was incorporated in 1988 and helped pioneer a generation of Vacation Rental technology advancements. RNS develops, supports, and sells an all in one Property Management Software to cater to the needs of Vacation Rental Companies, HOA’s, RV Parks, Marinas and Timeshares. With over 25 years of industry experience, innovation, and partnerships RNS can provide data proven software that can handle whatever property managers need from accounting and mobile work-orders to responsive websites and so much more. For more detail visit rental-network.com.

About LeisureLink
Salt Lake City-based LeisureLink’s distribution services offer vacation rental properties the opportunity to distribute to top online travel agencies like Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb and HomeAway, all the major GDS players and top travel sites. Suppliers can manage their online distribution from one platform – optimizing rates, availability, specials, and content changes. Leisurelink’s specialty consulting services leverage industry experts who understand travel distribution and maximize revenues. LeisureLink consolidates all accounting, payables and receivables with a single, source of payment, providing clarity to the often-complex world of distribution.  This comprehensive service helps LeisureLink clients generate more money and save more time.  For more information, visit LeisureLink.com.

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