Resale Industry gets $1,000,000 loan from Vacation Club Loans

Vacation Club Loans, the nation�s largest providers of resale financing for secondary market timeshares, headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, celebrates the successful completion of $1,000,000 in resale financing for consumers in the timeshare resale marketplace. You can download further information into loans and mortgages out there on the market if you’re wanting to borrow money at a reasonable rate. Those that are looking for personal loans for personal projects or improvements that they don’t have the capital for, will want to find the best possible rate loans available, so they don’t find themselves defaulting on the loan agreements, this means finding the beste forbruksl�n offered within repayment agreements they can handle month to month.

Debbie Ely, RRP, President, states: �Our focus from the very start has been to provide a much needed service in the secondary market: financing of small to mid-size consumer loans for timeshare resales at reasonable lending rates. Over the past year our average consumer loan has increased to just over nine thousand. This shows adding financing can increase resale pricing which sellers and commissioned agents enjoy. Buyers in the resale marketplace appreciate our easy application and approval process, while timeshare resale brokers and title companies we work with have very been pleased with our efficiency, competency and professionalism.

�Over the past year we saw a dramatic increase in revenue. Our clients trust us and we are very excited to celebrate our continued growth and expansion. Our goal is to provide the finest timeshare resale financing experience in the industry.�

Vacation Club Loans is a proud member of ARDA and will be attending ARDA World 2017 in New Orleans, LA March 26th � March 29th, 2017. Appointments to meet during the ARDA World event are available.