Colebrook Financial Company Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Bill Ryczek

Bill Ryczek, a principal of Colebrook Financial Company, announced his firm is celebrating fifteen years as a lending institution specializing in the timeshare industry.

When they opened their doors in January 2003, Colebrook was mostly financing small developers, lending against B credit portfolios, and taking on projects that contained a little more risk than the average development.  Over the next few years the company grew and began to deal with slightly larger loans and stronger developers.

“Then came the Crash of 2008,” Ryczek said.  That Fall, two of the largest lenders to the timeshare industry announced they would no longer finance timeshare developers.  What had been a buyer’s market for money turned into a seller’s market overnight and Colebrook, with capital and experience, was able to establish relationships with some of the leading private companies in the industry.  Over the next two years, the company completed the transition from boutique lender to mainstream timeshare lender offering a wide array of competitively-priced products.

Financial trends are transitory, and the seller’s market for money eventually became a buyer’s market again.  By that time, however, Colebrook had established its reputation as a leading timeshare lender.  Old competitors have left the marketplace, a few new entrants arrived, and Colebrook is now one of the very few companies with a consistent presence over the past decade and a half.  “The company’s first 15 years took us from start-up to stability.” Ryczek said.  “Everybody who started the company is still here, still enthusiastic, and looking forward to seeing what the next fifteen years will bring.”

About Colebrook Financial Company
Colebrook Financial Company is a lender specializing in the timeshare/shared ownership industry, providing hypothecation and other financing products for small and mid-sized developers in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. Colebrook is large enough to provide financing in the $20-30 million range but small enough to deliver a unique brand of personal service. For further information call Bill Ryczek at 860-344-9396. For more information, visit