Raising the Bar on Incentive Marketing

True Incentive is an incentive-base marketing solution company offering services in both English and Spanish. We work directly with our clients to identify and utilize the appropriate incentive in a direct marketing campaign. One of our goals is to maximize marketing dollars by matching the specific geographics, demographics or psychographics specific to our clients’ needs. In addition, we extend the basic principles of direct marketing to include our clients’ audience values, opinions, attitudes, interests and lifestyles.

Discover e-Perk First Digital Delivery System

At True Incentive we realized early on that to really understand our clients’ customer needs and wants, we needed to understand the changing market place and in particular, how “time” factors into the experience. When making decisions, people don’t have the time or the patience to sift through mountains of complicated details. No matter the industry, consumers want what they want now. Our clients expressed a need to provide information to their customers quickly and efficiently. We responded to their request by being the first in the travel incentive world to offer a digital incentive delivery system e-Perk.

The e-Perk system supports customer self-service and client managed distribution. Travel incentives are no longer confined to conventional paper distribution, but are digitally distributed at high speed. Not only does e-Perk distribute incentives to any electronic device, it also has robust reporting capabilities, security parameters and nimble flexibility. The e-Perk system can be used for lead generation, generating inbound calls, owner referrals, member loyalty, and upgrades. The lightening quick response times that e-Perk delivers is a great benefit to timeshare marketers, vacation club lead generators, web-based timeshare resellers and inbound response centers.

Spanish Language Product—another First

True Incentive developed our Spanish Language Product to answer the needs of the largest growing demographic in the U.S. Spanish has increasingly grown as a global form of communication. Our Spanish Language Product makes it easier for the end user to utilize. For businesses marketing to Spanish or bilingual speakers the instant affinity with a Spanish Language product will build credibility and loyalty. Our goal is to keep evolving and adapting to an ever-changing marketing environment. Now we give our clients and their customers the ability to access True Incentive’s most popular products in Spanish.

Using the program is simple too. Simply use a reputable translating company such as Jonckers, and use the translations to feed the data back into our software – giving you the ability to market to both English and Spanish natives.

New Product Revolutionizes the Speed of Delivery

We are continuing to develop new enhancements to the speed and delivery of our travel incentives. Our current consumer experience has an average “Life in Process” of 173 days. With our new product, the average “Life in Process” for the consumer is completed in under 70 days, dramatically increasing the speed of delivery.

Always Looking Forward

At True Incentive we are always looking for ways to help our clients be more successful. We know that what is best for our clients, is best for True Incentive as well. Our bar is high because reputations are at stake, ours and our clients’. With incentive based marketing solutions, offers must be attractive enough to benefit the clients’ marketing campaigns while working within the legal and regulatory requirements. The law requires that terms of the offer are clear and attainable. We ally with our clients’ marketing efforts to manage the customer expectation process in a positive and informative way, and with a fast and efficient delivery of incentives. That way, everyone—customers, clients and vendors—win.

To learn more about True Incentive contact Drew Brittain. dbrittain@true-incentive.com