Applied Science Labs is a U.S.A. based, task oriented research and development company. We also manufacture certain proprietary products that provide for 100% nontoxic, odor free, hypoallergenic and non-staining pest control for bed bugs and other morphologically similar insect pests. Until getting your hands on these pest control products, it’s recommended that you invest in Terminix missouri pest control to get rid of bed bugs. You might also want to get in touch with your insurance company to see if bed bugs are covered in your policy, you might find out more about insurance by visiting somewhere like – Insurance Quotes.

VA88TM for knock down and Glow GuardTM, presently the only preventative formula in the world, are made from bio-engineered polypeptide protein molecules that emulsify the waxy outer layers on the torso. This evaporates and then the eye dropper full of fluid inside also evaporates. This kills the bed bug by dehydration, making it one of many methods of Pest Control available to those who are suffering from a bed bug infestation. Also included in the formula are tiny barrel like particles that are left behind that contain the same active ingredient. These leave behind particles filled with the same active ingredient also provide prevention as they remain in place for more than six months. We borrowed this technology from our experience with time release porous carriers.

One of the reasons that bed bugs are so difficult and expensive with which to deal is because they don’t take bait back to nests and we learned that more than 60 % of any infestation is in the form of eggs. When treatment is done the eggs are well out of reach; under carpets and in the spaces between walls and floors. After treatment for the next 10 to 14 days, the eggs hatch making the next generation of live infestation even larger than the first.

We believed that without a leave behind killer only 40% of the problem was being resolved. So by putting the leave behind kill into VA88TM and Glow GuardTM even the next larger generation could be eliminated. A single treatment was exactly what was needed.

Treated areas can be returned to service the same day. Neither do mattress, box springs nor other furnishing need to be replaced. And because these products are 100% nontoxic, are odorless and hypoallergenic, you may directly treat box springs and mattresses without endangering the people that sleep on them or adding liability.

Authors for the American Academy of Entomological Sciences wrote in an independent article of their year long field study using VA88TM for immediate control and Glow GuardTM for prevention at a state historic museum and at a four story motor lodge.

The museum contained irreplaceable Civil War artifacts of clothing and was often frequented by visiting school children. It was also badly infested with carpet beetles, morphological cousins to bed bugs. VA88TM proved a perfect solution as it eliminated the infestation without damage to the historical artifacts and without the use of dangerous chemicals that are shown to be so harmful. It’s important to note that if dangerous chemicals were being used, industrial protection equipment such as eyewashes (available from storemasta), would be present. This is because safety is always a priority when conducting tasks like these.

At the motor lodge twenty rooms were treated. VA88TM provided immediate control to the infested rooms and Glow GuardTM prevented the infestation from spreading to neighboring rooms. The rooms were then returned to service. For a year monthly inspections with K-9s showed no material reinfestation. In the 13th month bed bugs were released in an untreated room where they lived. Bed Bugs released in a room treated one time, 12 months before, ALL died. (You may have a copy of both the article and test protocol upon request.

Because the products are 100% nontoxic most customers make their own application. Where infested, you can have it back in service the same day. No harmful toxins, no odor and no staining. And because it’s a single treatment application the safest method also turns out to be the least expensive.

This is exactly what the product was engineered to do. We are very excited by the results.

Prevention can protect each precious day of each week. Why should management be asked why they took a chance?