Introducing PPE Tracker™ by Towel Tracker

Towel Tracker PPE

As the world changes almost day-by-day, we’re changing, too. We recognize employers everywhere are looking for ways to effectively offer PPE to their employees or extend the life of their PPE while ensuring their staff are appropriately protected as they do their jobs.

PPE Tracker™ by Towel Tracker helps companies do that by:

  • Supporting safety compliance through tracking employee usage
  • Assisting in maintaining safety goals and standards
  • Documenting when the PPE is deposited back in the return bin
  • Recording the number of uses for each piece of equipment, allowing companies to remove PPE from circulation when it reaches EOL
  • Alerting staff when the machine needs to be restocked or emptied
  • Extending PPE supply life by 20-40%
  • Maximizing ROI while efficiently protecting employees

For more information about how PPE Tracker™ by Towel Tracker can help track and extend the life of your PPE, reply to this email or call our office today. 616.325.2060