Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI is rapidly transforming the way we do business and the vacation ownership or timeshare resort industry is no exception. In the next 3-5 years, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way vacation ownership and timeshare resorts operate. From marketing and sales departments to housekeeping and management, AI is helping businesses increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.

For example, AI can help marketing teams by automatically identifying new opportunities for targeting guests who are likely to be interested in their offerings. AI-powered bots can also be used to automate customer engagement, such as introducing potential customers to beneficial packages or offering existing customers discounts on future vacations.

How are resort marketing departments able to utilize AI?

AI technology has revolutionized timeshare marketing, allowing timeshare marketers to tap into a huge potential market of vacation ownership seekers. By leveraging AI-powered lead generation tools, timeshare marketers can identify timeshare prospects who are most likely to consider timeshare offers, increasing the chances of making successful sales.

With AI, timeshare marketers can quickly and accurately process large volumes of data from multiple sources and generate meaningful insights about prospective customers. This allows timeshare marketers to customize their marketing messages according to each customer’s needs, wants, and preferences — delivering more relevant content that stands a higher chance of turning leads into sales.

At the same time, AI helps timeshare marketers save time and money by automating the integration of data gleaned through Google, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and other sources with your own software system. In addition to demographics, travel history, income, and other personal data, AI can research a prospective client’s social media activity, entertainment activity, political preferences…you name it.

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What’s the catch?

The trick for marketers is to create accurate marketing funnels that properly reflect their best targets and then to determine how to reach them with a convincing message. Because it is a rapidly developing technology, AI is a moving target…there’s an enormous and ever-evolving learning curve.

There are all kinds of intelligent apps and tools being created to help craft advertising, social media, and blog posts that will grab a prospect’s attention, stimulate interest, enhance desire, and promote action. In fact, the number of tools becoming available can drive even the most savvy marketer, well, nuts. There are almost too many out there and most of them are still in beta stage.

Are there experts in the field who can coach marketers on using these tools?

Yes, timeshare marketers can certainly benefit from expert coaching to help integrate their prospect information with marketing tools. A timeshare marketing coach can help timeshare professionals develop a comprehensive strategy for finding and connecting with timeshare prospects using the most advanced AI-based lead generation technology available.

A timeshare marketing coach will have an in-depth understanding of timeshare vacation ownership and the latest AI technologies being used by timeshare marketers to identify potential buyers. They will be able to guide timeshare professionals through the complexities of integrating customer data with AI-driven platforms that are tailored to timeshares and vacation ownership services.

The coach can also provide support in developing intelligent marketing funnels, automated segmentation strategies, personalized messages and offers, and creation of high-performing advertisements that drive engagement and conversions. Additionally, they’ll be able to help timeshare marketers understand how particular demographics respond to different channels, how best to target specific segments, and how AI tools can improve customer acquisition efforts.

Modern timeshare marketing coaches also know the importance of data privacy protection as it relates to consumer information collection. They’ll be familiar with current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines which protect consumer data stored in databases used by timeshare marketers. Moreover, they’ll work closely with timeshares owners to ensure all consumer data is collected lawfully and processed securely according to privacy policies set forth by the company or resort.

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How easily will AI fit into my old-style sales department?

Truthfully, it won’t be easy to incorporate new methodology into many entrenched departments. But, the idea is to gradually introduce changes. The sales department will benefit from AI-driven technologies that enable them to more accurately determine which prospects are a good fit for their product offerings. In fact, many sales teams are already doing this, ruthlessly weaning out those who can’t or won’t purchase. Here, again, this information is invaluable when it comes to personalizing customer service experiences and helping sales representatives close deals faster. You know the saying: “Here…get your diamond-studded pendant and get lost. Oh, and enjoy your stay!”

Resorts are already implementing AI

Most resorts are using Artificial Intelligence in various ways. But in the future, housekeeping departments will be relying on robotic systems equipped with artificial intelligence to learn how rooms should be cleaned after each guest visit and then carry out tasks accordingly, reducing staff time spent unnecessarily. This results in cost savings while still providing high quality services for customers. Additionally, these AI-enabled robots are able to detect issues that may arise during cleaning like clogged toilets or torn bed sheets which further enhances service levels for guests.

Finally, managers at vacation ownership resorts have access to an assortment of software tools powered by advanced analytics that provide insights into operations performance across all departments. These insights enable managers to make more informed decisions on how best to maximize guest experience while reducing operational costs at the same time.

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‘The future is now’; a cliché that’s evergreen

AI has already shown its potential in revolutionizing many industries but the effects of its implementation within the vacation ownership sector may be even more pronounced, due to to how vital higher levels of customer service are in our industry. By leveraging modern technologies like machine learning or deep learning algorithms, organizations within this sector are now able to gain valuable insights into their target markets which enable them craft better marketing campaigns; create personalized experiences that result in increased loyalty; automate menial tasks like cleaning equipment; and much more–all while saving money in the process.

Here’s another cliché for us – ‘the best is yet to come!’

It’s clear that AI has a tremendous amount of potential when it comes to changing how businesses within the vacation ownership sector operate and over the next 3-5 years—the impact it will have on this industry will be significant indeed!

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