FusionCast: A revolutionary metal-casting technology with endless possibilities

FusionCast is a 3-year-old entrepreneurial sign manufacturing company. They make custom, prestigious, composite metal-cast signs that are virtually indistinguishable from those made by traditional casting methods. Their dedicated customer service and business development team works side by side with their talented graphics and production team to develop and produce plaques and signs that always exceed their client’s expectations.

They deal in virtually all sign categories, interior and exterior, including golf, architectural, memorial and dedication, municipal, interpretive, home and cottage. Their patent-pending process employs a cold-casting process, they always use low VOC paints and clear-coat finishes and they recycle 95 percent of their mold material.

We asked Marketing Coordinator Ashley Beattie how the company got started. “Through experimentation and two years of research and development, the FusionCast process was developed and perfected. We launched first in the golf industry, and have since expanded into many other categories in the signs and plaque space. In 2009, we restructured under new ownership and new management, and in 2011 we re-located to a new 12,500 square-foot state-of-the-art production facility and head office in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.”

FusionCast manufactures prestigious interior and exterior architectural plaques and signage. Their extensive experience coupled with outstanding products and service, and their distribution network has earned them a positive reputation in the industry. Since inception, FusionCast has been creating some of the largest and most versatile selections of custom-cast composite metal signs and plaques with an endless array of styles, shapes, colors, textures, mounting options and more. Their technology fuses ionized metal with high-density urethane to produce long-lasting, elegant signage with complete design flexibility.

“At FusionCast we control the entire manufacturing process from design to delivery. Our team will work with your team to develop and make exactly what you are looking for to deliver your message. Our talented graphic designers are willing and able to work with any idea that comes to their table. Whether it is a rough sketch drawn on a napkin or a completed work of digital art, they are the starting point to making your dream a reality,” she explained.

FusionCast makes mostly plaques and signs, but they also offer indoor and outdoor directionals, awards, lettering and building numbers.

We asked Ashley what sets the company apart from its competitors. “There are four unique value propositions that set us apart from our competitors. They are: versatility and flexibility of design, durability, eco-friendly, and great value. First and foremost, the FusionCast process can accommodate multiple metals within a single-cast sign. The signs can be made in any shape, color or texture, which means that your visions and themes can be incorporated into your sign.”

FusionCast uses the highest grade metals: paints, clear coats and high-density urethane available today, and their products come with a 10-year warranty on all craftsmanship and construction. FusionCast products can stand up to all of the elements Mother Nature has to offer, whether your resort is located ocean-side, in the desert, or up north where the weather dips to freezing temperatures, their products stand the forces of nature.

“The FusionCast process is a cold-casting method which reduces harmful emissions because no metal is being heated during the casting process. We re-engineer and re-use 95 percent of our moulds creating very little waste. To say the least, we put forth a strong effort to enforce being green and recycling as much as we can,” Ashley explained.

According to their website, when the Heritage Department at the City of Niagara Falls decided they needed several plaques to commemorate a number of historical buildings on Queen Street, they turned to FusionCast. The city’s planning team had a number of criteria to address. The most important was mounting high-quality plaques that would reflect the importance and prestige of the buildings they were identifying. On top of that, the plaques needed to withstand physical interaction from pedestrian traffic, as well as changing environmental conditions from freezing conditions in the winter to baking heat in the summer.

Working closely with the FusionCast Design Team, each plaque was designed and created to exacting standards, illustrating in detailed relief the buildings being commemorated. FusionCast worked closely with the City of Niagara Falls through the entire process including editing the copy, assisting with the review process through respective approval committees and even arranging and overseeing the installation of eight plaques.

The result was a series of made-in-Canada plaques using FusionCast’s patent-pending process complete with detailed reliefs. The project was delivered and installed in time for the busy tourist season, and met with 100 percent client satisfaction, and because the plaques were not cast from solid bronze as per traditional methods, they were not only more economical but much lighter making them a lot easier to ship and install.