3 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Timeshare Resort With FLAIR! On a Budget

Refreshing with Flair - Refurbish Timeshare Resorts

We all love a ‘Before & After’ reveal, but let’s face it, we don’t always have the cash flow or patience for undertaking a full-scale remodel. Keeping things fresh and new for guests and owners is an important part of success in the hospitality industry and doing so without over-extending the finances is key to survival. We recommend focusing on these 3 key changes to give you the best return on investment and the biggest bang for your buck when looking to refresh your property interiors.

One: First And Foremost, Flooring – Sorry Carpet; The Love Affair Is Over

By far, the best thing you can do for your property is said goodbye to carpet and say hello to Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). Your guests will be wowed, and your maintenance team will be thrilled. Not only is LVT easier to keep clean, but it is also healthier for guests with allergies and sensitivities. LVT has a much longer life span than carpet does, so your investment now will serve you further into the future.

The quality of LVT products has surged in the last few years making them more durable and aesthetically pleasing. The look and feel of real wood, stone, concrete can be convincingly imitated by high-quality digital printing, added texture, and variances between each tile. LVT is also high performing when it comes to impact and ware, waterproofing, sound deadening, and backing for sound transfer mitigation.

Switching from carpet to LVT can open up a whole new income revenue! Easy cleaning and sanitation mean hosting pets is more realistic. Charge a fee for guests and owners to have their pets stay at the resort, and the flooring might help pay for itself! Please do yourself a big favor and DO NOT buy residential grade LVT at a discount store! Please use a commercially rated product by Mohawk, Armstrong, Shaw, or Patcraft; Let your professional Interior Designer help you with selections. If you are looking for something Sustainable and Green then look into Linoleum tiles. Linoleum is made from natural Linseed oil with homogeneous through-body color, so it wares forever.

Two: Soft Goods Get Tired Too!

Changing out Soft Goods such as upholstered pieces, drapery, and bedding can easily change the overall look of the space. This is a great direction to focus on if your finishes and case goods are holding up well. New textiles provide the opportunity to introduce an updated color scheme or revisit your design concept or theme for a new POP. You will want to examine your furniture pieces, most of the time replacing sofas and side chairs makes more sense than re-upholstering. The turnaround time on re-upholstering takes 3-4 weeks and you really cannot afford to have units out of service for this.

Here is a TIP

If you are renovating in phases over a period of months or years; buy all your fabric upfront to maintain the same dye lot, better quantity pricing, and no risk of discontinued product down the road. There may be a cost from the manufacturer to store your fabric, so keep this in mind when planning. Your designer will advise you on all the right questions to ask!

Three: Let There Be Art!

An outdated look can quickly be brought into the present with a new art package. Think beyond switching out picture frames on the wall (though that can be a step in the right direction). Take into account the impact art can have on the experience of your property as a whole, from how it greets guests upon arrival, guides them in wayfinding, and bids them goodnight when they turn off the lights at night. Large-scale murals printed on wallcovering, 3-Dimensional pieces, and photographs can all have a dramatic impact with a relatively small cost. Coordinating these larger elements with smaller pieces and signage throughout can bring a cohesiveness that leaves a major impression. With digital printing today, you can use the same image in 1000 different ways and create a custom art program with ease, you just need a good art consultant who will manage the entire process with your Interior Designer.

Refreshing your resort doesn’t need to take a lot of time and money. Small investments in key upgrades to flooring, soft goods, and art (whether you tackle them all, or just one) can go a long way. Owners who can see tangible upgrades during their visits are happier with their stay and happier to pay their maintenance fees. We know you operators love that!

Margit Whitlock is Principal and Creative Director for Architecture and Interior Design at Architectural Concepts Inc., a San Diego, CA based Architectural and Interior Design Firm specializing in hospitality design. Ms. Whitlock is an accomplished speaker with engagements at multiple ARDA conventions, HD Boutique show as well as being frequently published in magazines such as Developments, Resort Trades, Hotel Business, Hiatus, Vacation Industry Review and Resort Management and Operations.