FARROW Commercial Construction: Passing with flying colors

How does a hospitality construction company earn great grades? By providing quality construction and seamless transitions from inception to completion. It may seem easy, but point in fact, you need to be relentless in delivering real ROI to clients.

How do you measure return on investment? At FARROW Commercial Construction, the Santa Rosa-based nationwide commercial construction company specializing in hospitality, there are files filled with customer care questionnaires. Since FARROW never leaves a job site without getting feedback, their record of great report cards is extensive.

Whether it’s competitive pricing, faster timelines or ongoing communication, FARROW’s clients consistently say they surpass expectations on all the key elements that lead to a successful renovation or ground-up construction project.

With core strengths in Renovation and Refurbishment, Ground-Up Construction, Green Building and Sustainability, ADA/Fire/Life Safety (NFPA), ADA Design Compliance/Construction/Updating, Permit and Plan Acquisitions, Design/Purchase and Procurement and DOSHA Certifications FARROW’s reputation for a thorough, turn-key approach includes a reliable, seamless process each step of the way from pre-construction, production, walk-through to final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy.

With hundreds of construction projects notched in its tool belt, FARROW reports that nearly 100 percent were rated as “outstanding in all categories.” For instance, the general manager of the Hilton in Fort Wayne, Ind., said, “Overall best renovation process I have ever experienced.”

Scott Caldwell, resort general manager at the Westin Kierland Villas in Scottsdale says FARROW exhibited “Great leadership, quality and customer care.”

In Branson, Miss., the client was “very pleased with the overall communication, flexibility and cleanliness” for a project at Branson Suites at Fall Creek.

Mark Sedillo, resort general manager at the Ridge Resort in Sedona put it honestly when he said FARROW made the process as “painless as possible.”

Recently Joan Cainan, renovation manager of Vacation Internationale chimed in as well. “FARROW consistently surpasses our expectations through quality-based, price-sensitive and production-driven construction services,” she said.

With kudos like that from professionals in the know, it is no wonder that FARROW is sought after for its services no matter what the size of a project.

“Some folks have a pre-conceived notion about FARROW that we are trying hard to dispel,” says CEO and President John Farrow. “We are big, but no job is too small. Because of our hospitality expertise we can come in and tackle a small job efficiently, quickly and with a view on how it may impact the rest of the environment.

“Our clients fully appreciate that we provide real-time costs of products and services, whether it be removing an interior wall, or fully refurbishing building components such as HVAC systems, flooring, cabinetry or countertops. We basically do it all and do it all within budget and quickly,” Farrow says.

“Our long-term involvement with the hospitality industry has given us the understanding and experience to strategically plan a project and make it happen according to that plan with as little disruption of hospitality services as possible.”

FARROW calls their unique selling proposition “The FARROW Advantage.” That advantage incorporates numerous plusses. Perhaps one of the most notable is Farrow’s role in championing and implementing ADA compliance-based renovation and new construction.

FARROW has specialized in accessibility compliance for the past 15 years. They have worked directly with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on several occasions. Over the years, they’ve teamed up with numerous timeshare companies to bring their facilities into compliance. Among those companies which have utilized The FARROW Advantage when it comes to ADA compliance were Diamond’s The Ridge, The Summit and SVM projects located in Phoenix, Ariz.

In addition to ADA rules, regulations and construction, FARROW has another outstanding distinct professional benefit: Making “going green” easy.

“We embrace green principles,” says Farrow. “Minimizing carbon footprints is everyone’s goal these days. We see that more properties are changing out thermostats to make them digital, installing motion detectors, water-saving toilets and shower heads, as well as totally upgrading Internet capabilities. We have a team of LEED-qualified engineers on staff and a deep knowledge of the framework LEED provides to implement practical green building practices and maintenance solutions.

“We are extremely pleased at the continued respect and support we get from our clients. We know that whether it’s new construction or a renovation these projects are always a matter of teamwork. We couldn’t do our job without the support and energy of the people responsible for managing and developing the properties on which we are working.

“Some may regard The FARROW Advantage as our quality-based, price-sensitive and production-driven hospitality construction services, “he continues. “From our perspective, we consider our Advantage to be our terrific clients who are discerning enough to call us in to get the project done right, on schedule and on budget”

Some of FARROW’s current and recent vacation ownership clients include Diamond Resorts, Hyatt, Vacation Resorts International (VRI), Starwood Vacation Ownership, Wyndham Worldwide, Grand Lodge at Peak 7 (Breckenridge Grand Vacations), Vacations Internationale (VI), LaTour Resorts and Hotels, Worldmark and Bluebeard’s Castle (SPM Resorts). Other projects also include Hilton and Marriott, to name a few.