CustomerCount® and Howard A. Bendell Announce Affiliate Marketing Relationship

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 30, 2018) – CustomerCount®, the cloud-based customer feedback management system, has teamed with Howard A. Bendell, RRP in an affiliate marketing relationship to provide valuable operational insights and analytics to CustomerCount’s clients.  With more than a quarter century of vacation ownership and real estate focused experience, Bendell has been actively involved in the development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, and the creation of new programs and products, through the management and design of industry and consumer-based research initiatives.  This association will enable CustomerCount clients to effectively align survey results with their own tactical and strategic priorities.


Referred to as WRAP, CustomerCount’s Worldwide Research Analytics Program expands upon quantitative reporting capabilities with an enhancement that dives deep into customer attitudes and sentiments, while focusing upon operational process and service improvement. The program partners CustomerCount’s top-of-the-line data capture and reporting mechanism with Bendell’s objective industry knowledge and in-depth data analysis.


Highly regarded in the timeshare/hospitality industry for his work representing branded multi-site resort developers, single site independent entrepreneurs, governments, financiers and service providers alike, Bendell says “CustomerCount’s product is well designed and powerful, delivering essential data to clients throughout the life of the consumer experience.  WRAP builds on this information interpreting the data and putting it into context qualitatively.”


To learn more about WRAP, contact Bob Kobek at CustomerCount.

About CustomerCount®

CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on requested updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Developed and managed by Mobius Vendor Partners, CustomerCount was initially designed for the timeshare and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries.  For more information, visit or call 317-816-6000.  Follow them at on Twitter @CustomerCount or    

About Howard A. Bendell, RRP


Howard A. Bendell, RRP is an independent resort advisor, who brings more than 25 years of combined resort real estate ownership experience to aid his clients.  Throughout his career, Bendell has been actively involved in the development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, new programs and products, and has managed industry and consumer-based research efforts.  His areas of specialty include consumer-centric industry research and the design and implementation of flexible use vacation products. For more information, contact Mr. Bendell at 305-282-3269 or via email at