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Custom Travel Solutions Launches New Products for Timeshare and Resort Membership Sale

Custom Travel Solutions has launched a new benefit designed to bring flexibility to their clients in the timeshare and resort developer industry. This benefit allows their clients’ members and owners to deposit their fixed resort week into their system and receive “Trip Coins,” which is a proprietary digital currency that can be used to take advantage of Custom Travel Solutions’ hotels, cruises, flights, and more. Additionally, for their clients selling a points-based membership, Custom Travel Solutions offers a full suite of API connections to seamlessly integrate with their existing points management systems.

Mike Putman, founder and CEO of Custom Travel Solutions
Mike Putman, founder and CEO of Custom Travel Solutions

Custom Travel Solutions is a leader in the travel technology industry, providing a fully customizable, white-label travel solution for closed user group membership programs. “We are excited to bring these tools and benefits to our existing clients in the timeshare and resort developer community,” said Mike Putman, founder and CEO of Custom Travel Solutions. “With travel continuing to be in high demand, our clients are seeing an increase in their sales revenue and membership retention by leveraging our technology,” he added.

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Custom Travel Solutions was selected in 2021 by industry peers as the world’s best white-label travel club provider. With over 2 million hotels, 30,000 cruise itineraries, 24/7 customer services, and native mobile app capabilities, Custom Travel Solutions distinguish itself from the competition by offering a fully customizable, branded platform for its clients.

The company serves a variety of organizations looking to increase their membership sales revenue, improve member engagement and retention, or provide travel as a benefit to an existing rewards program. The company is headquartered in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Their website is