Many travel clubs are going completely online for booking reservations. It leaves out the personal experience. Why, because it is less expensive. Lower labor costs. It is easier to put a low cost product to the distributors, but is this the choice of consumers? I read an article the other day that made more sense. Tim Wood of Travel Pulse had a very interesting editorial in the November 4, 2014 issue regarding the choice of consumers. In this article they quoted Max Galka the real estate guru as saying: “It seems the growing proliferation of electronic information has affected travel agents in two opposing ways. Now that we all have direct access to the airlines, we no longer need travel agents as intermediaries,” he writes. “But having an expert, who knows how to dig through all that information to get you the best trip, at the best price, is more valuable than ever.”

Galka’s point is that the travel agent’s expertise is what ultimately wins travelers over: “They have more connections than you; they know about special deals that you don’t; and they have the experience to help you plan your trip,” Galka writes. “And according to U.S. News, even with their 10-12 percent commission, the overall cost of going with a travel agent often comes out lower than it would if you booked it yourself.” Galka’s point is that the travel agent’s expertise is what ultimately wins travelers over.” Another point Tim Woods made in this editorial is the fact that this; “Every time a new technology or trend comes along, the old technology or trend needs to find a way to adapt. Mom and pop grocers are fighting the war against Walmart and Whole Foods on Main Street. The ones winning are focusing on customer service, the human connection that you don’t get at the big-box stores.”

This is where Travel To Go separates itself from many of the Travel Club Fulfillment options, with our own internal travel agency Sky Travel and our team of expert travel agents. We are able to accommodate the needs of the consumers giving them a hybrid choice. Personal service and online booking capabilities of the web at prices you cannot obtain through your local agencies due to the high volume of participating members. Our volumes of testimonials reinforce these facts. Yes, there are less expensive products on the market for a distributor; but our costs are in line with our competition for the results we deliver. When it comes to satisfaction of the clients the end result is a higher sales average and less cancellations and charge backs.

Our product mix includes luxury condo vacations, Cruise options, hotel discounts, and full travel agency services.

Personal customer service, there is no substitute. At Travel To Go, “We Make dreams come true” and provide “Above & Beyond 5-Star Service.”