Building Loyalty Through Engagement via CustomerCount™

Where it all began

Robert Kobek, RRP launched Mobius VP, LLC. (MVP) at the dawn of the 21st Century. Since that time, as the need for high-tech business process efficiencies skyrocketed, MVP has morphed into an internationally recognized subject matter expert firm in business process design and management.

Prior to forming MVP, Bob spent more than 20 years in the direct marketing industry. His professional specialization in the integration of marketing and sales through direct marketing, with an emphasis on database management/ marketing, included the design and implementation of more than 150 outbound telemarketing and inbound customer service operations. His involvement with order processing operations and interactive information systems added to the framework upon which CustomerCount™ was built.

Recognizing customer engagement as the highway to owner/guest loyalty, CustomerCount was initially designed for the timeshare and contact center industries. It is now employed by organizations in a variety of vertical markets and industries. The feature-rich, cloud based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on requested updates also contains detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities. The strong platform is designed to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve the bottom line.

Customer Engagement means much more than customer service. Customer Engagement seeks to enhance every step of the member experience, while customer service views every customer contact as leading to a transaction. Customer Engagement is about measuring results while customer service measures processes. Customer Engagement best practices are holistic and enterprise-wide whereas the customer service viewpoint is department centric. This is where CustomerCount makes a difference.

Not just a survey

Businesses tend to use CustomerCount in three main areas (but certainly not limited to): The Sales Experience; the Contact/Customer Service Experience and the Product Experience.

CustomerCount may be used to monitor feedback from customers about their sales experience, getting real-time, immediate access to customers’ feedback which may be tracked to the individual representative level.

At the next stage of the customer experience is the capability of addressing potential customer service issues before they become significant “problems”. The simplicity of utilizing the CustomerCount tool could save significant amounts of money on the sales process. Since an astonishing 91% of unhappy customers never purchase from the offending business again, trying to remedy customer’s complaints is a different story. 82% to 95% of “unhappy” customers will stay with you if you make a remedy to fix their gripes. Using information from the feedback system creates an opportunity to adjust early on.

In addition to analyzing past sales and customer service behaviors, CustomerCount may capture valuable customer intelligence prior to launching or changing a product. Using the CustomerCount platform will provide the answers to questions such as will the planned enhancement provide the value as anticipated and/or will customers be willing to pay for a new product attribute?

CustomerCount’s robust flexibility allows for many other uses. Many companies gauge customer satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to determine loyalty. CustomerCount users say that the system takes the guess- work out and offers additional information to use on a daily basis. With the system’s fully responsive design and device recognition capabilities, customers can participate and businesses can analyze customer feedback and reports from any device and any screen size. In another feature, managers may use the Full Text Search to drill down to find exactly what they are looking for within the survey results. And, CustomerCount’s On Site Service Request Solution addresses issues as they happen, while customers are still on site.

A few of the specific features that can be useful in gathering business intelligence in any section can be found in CustomerCount’s rich system include:
• Fully custom to company brand
• Consultative approach to survey design
• World class service
• Email delivery
• Device Recognition
• Secure data protection
• Authenticated response
• Over 70 report templates
• 40+ languages currently supported
• SMS enabled

Integration with CRM

One feature sets CustomerCount head and shoulders above any typical “survey” system. The Indianapolis-based company has recently developed the process necessary to integrate survey data with various Customer Relationship Management systems, including Salesforce. The CustomerCount / Salesforce integration, which came because of CustomerCount’s focus on staying ahead of the clients’ needs, uses the Salesforce Lightening Integration tool. Kobek explains, “As a company which promotes listening to client feedback, we are proud to pay attention to the ever-changing landscape of customer engagement best practices by offering CRM integration that measures the customer’s journey at each point of engagement.”

As soon as a respondent submits a survey, feedback is updated in a Salesforce Contact record. The update can immediately trigger a Workflow rule to assign a follow-up task, send a follow-up email or reopen a case in Salesforce, or any other CRM platform.

Linking Salesforce and CustomerCount is one more step in creating deeper relationships between customers and services. Kobek says that the integration between the two platforms makes managing the customer engagement and experience fast, efficient and seamless.

Practicing what they preach

As an online customer feedback management company, which measures millions of customers per year for their clients, CustomerCount knows the importance of feedback. Its parent company, Mobius Vendor Partners reputation is solid with both customers and vendors, treating each stakeholder as a partner. As Kobek says “We are committed to ensuring an atmosphere of cooperation and responsibility with our clients and vendors. We know it is through their success that we are successful. We believe that due in part to this philosophy we have been privileged to retain on-going contractual working relationships averaging four years in length with a large percentage of our clients.”

Perhaps one of the reasons for CustomerCount’s remarkable client loyalty record is what one of their clients told Tim Searcy of Hunt Big Whales who went on to blog about CustomerCount’s attributes:
• The owners always answer the phone when I ask for them, and I never get sent to voicemail.
• They do what they say they are going to do every time.
• They do little extras we ask of them without nickeling and diming us.
• They do good work on time and I never have to worry about them.
• They are fun to be around, and I always learn something when I am with them.

High praise for a company that seeks to help its own clients receive the same kind of accolades.

For more information and/or a demonstration of CustomerCount, visit or call 317-816-6000. Follow them at on Twitter @CustomerCount or