San Luis Resort Timeshares


In 1998, the San Luis Resort Timeshares in Galveston Texas was suffering from 20 years of poor renovations. Unhappy owners were withholding payments, and resale values were in distress. Budgets were out of control, walls were decaying, and poorly chosen furniture was falling apart.

The situation was dire when interior designer, Debbie Aiello, volunteered to assist her husband, board member Joe Aiello, to renovate 9 units in two weeks in 1999.

Over the years, Joe, Debbie, and their crew efficiently corrected long-standing deterioration, mis-matched colors, broken furniture and the results of earlier poor spending throughout the property. Resale values have improved over 400%, while renovation budgets in real dollars reduced. Owner and guest satisfaction has skyrocketed, and many owners pay monthly maintenance fees as early as a year in advance!

In 2004, Joe and Debbie expanded to form Hotel Makeover – now the fastest growing hospitality renovator in the U.S., with offices in Texas, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, California (Spring 2017), and more opening soon.*

Hotel Makeover is the industry’s only 100% turn-key renovator, with complete one-stop design, manufacturing, procurement, construction and installation services.


Timeshare renovation projects are complex and expensive and, in too many cases, results don’t meet expectations. Hotel Makeover solved the four biggest problems that result in poor outcomes, and their lessons will work for you:

  1. Hotel Makeover assumes the total burden of renovation from concept to finish.  Single-point accountability eliminates 99% of your work, all excuses and finger pointing. It produces minimum costs, faster completions, less hassle,
    and far better results.
  2. Hotel Makeover plans all renovation details and schedules in advance. The best way to assure on-time, on budget timeshare renovations is to orchestrate them in extreme detail in advance. We combine experts in hospitality, design, purchasing, shipping and construction planning with onsite management to develop every project.
  3. Hotel Makeover provides multi-year progressive renovations. Hotel Makeover designs timeshare renovations as pre-planned progressive cycles. This way, decors always harmonize over time, infrastructure problems always get fixed, owners always see progress and results, and budgets can be forecast years in advance.
  4. Hotel Makeover assumes responsibility for the look, feel, and even smell of your entire facility. Hotel Makeover looks at timeshare facilities with “owner eyes,” and we address ALL problems. Less capable contractors and furniture dealers typically charge more, but work in limited areas, so important issues outside their narrow scopes never get addressed or corrected.


Problems and issues that go unaddressed in renovations result in owner dissatisfaction. Without proper staffing and expertise, they can seem intimidating – but never to Hotel Makeover. Hotel Makeover solves everything from simple paint selections to the most complex financial and infrastructure problems. The buck always stops with them, so they direct and complete EVERY element of your renovation and facility management process – efficiently and cost effectively. Want to Learn More?

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*Do you want to own your own Hotel Makeover franchise? You provide consulting and onsite coordination in your own protected territory. We provide all complex planning and design functions. Please call 832-484-1105, Ext 151.
Note: The offer to sell a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD.)