Augmented Analytics: A Major Business Game-Changer

Bob Kobek
Bob Kobek

In case you missed our recent post on the CustomerCount LinkedIn page, we thought we’d share this interesting article on a trend we believe is going to be a major business game-changer.

The theme is augmented analytics – last year’s top trend for data and analytics and a sector where major companies are beginning to invest.

Simply explained, augmented analytics is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to automate and generate significant insights from customer data.

You can read the full article here:

Bob Kobek, president of CustomerCount, added: “This is a very interesting read stressing the importance of enterprise feedback management and providing compelling reasons to gain customer feedback. Data exhaust happens every time we do just about everything. From going to the grocery store to heading out to a ball game. All businesses should have a formal process for how they collect and analyze that data. Our online feedback management system does just that.”

“Additionally, our AI text analytics system identifies unstructured data and interprets it into sentiment analysis through the very important actionable structured data.”

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