A Professional Operations Management Software Solution

ResortCleaning App

ResortCleaning is a professional operations management software solution for the hospitality industry. We offer a full suite of operational management tools to help our customers run their housekeeping and maintenance operations including online scheduling, payroll tracking, invoicing, mobile applications for all users, custom inspection checklists, productivity management, powerful inventory management, and housekeeper grading just to name a few features.

We aren’t just tech geeks. Our technology was developed by our experience running housekeeping and maintenance operations and by working in the trenches with cleaning companies. We understand your pain points and have creatively developed solutions to eliminate those problems. We also offer custom development to tailor our solution for your specific needs, providing custom integrations with resort PMS systems.

The core of the ResortCleaning solution begins with a shared calendar so the front of the house and back of the house are looking at the exact same information. Ideally, the housekeeping schedule is generated automatically through one of our direct integrations with your resort PMS, but we also offer a number of other unique ways to automate your scheduling. Once we have the schedule in place, ResortCleaning provides housekeeping/maintenance all the tools and features needed to consistently meet and exceed customer standards in the most efficient manner possible. With mobile apps for all positions, including housemen, housekeepers, inspectors, supervisors, and maintenance techs, we put the work into the hands of your frontline workers, ensuring all work gets done to your brand standards in real-time. With our mobile connectivity features, your front desk will easily see as rooms become available for check-in.

Your resort managers and supervisors no longer need to be tied to their computers to keep up with all the moving pieces of your busy operation. Our supervisor app gives them the ability to manage the day-to-day tasks from their fingertips, assigning and reassigning tasks and keeping up with the status of the day, all from their phones.

Our solution can also help cut down on all the noisy radio chatter around your resort. From their mobile apps, the users have the ability to request supplies, add notes, take photos and call in for

help. No need to assign multiple radio channels to cover the frequent calls for linens or supplies. All of that can be done right from the app, making your resort a more quiet, peaceful place!

Two of our most powerful tools, brand standard, and inventory management, will help ensure your resorts pass your quality audits each and every time. Through a powerful integration with our partner, Inventory Smart, ResortCleaning offers our customers a comprehensive solution to the unit and stock room inventory management. Coupling that with our customizable inspection templates that can be built to corporate brand standards, you can drive quality to the front line for every single cleaning and maintenance task performed at your site.

Don’t just take our word for it. Let us show you what we can do. Call or email us today for a demonstration of our product. Our team can have you up and running on our platform in just a few days. To schedule a demonstration, contact Danny Bradford at danny@resortcleaning.com or 205.399.6498.