Turf Feeding Systems can give any resort property owner or manager what they really want; a beautiful green landscape using Less Water and Less Cost.

We can save any property over $500 per acre, per year, while dramatically improving the landscape quality to produce an outstanding landscape, no matter what the conditions are…..Green for Less.

We are sharply focused on resorts to implement our Sustainable Landscape Program because their budgets and maintenance costs keep increasing year after year with the same end result. We can help change your resort to become stunning, while costing much less to maintain. We always look forward to the challenge to work with resorts because we are able to create the biggest change in your landscape and can save you money.

How is it done?

We simply bring together the automation and accuracy of fertigation, injecting liquid nutrients into the irrigation, with the great efficiency of Probiotic organics and humates to feed the soil and the plant to dramatically improve the quality. The secret is soil health, resulting in plant health.
The results are dramatic and amazing. We can take any irrigated landscape and dramatically improve the quality, while reducing water use up to 50%, reduce fertilizer and chemicals 60% as well as energy and labor.

When the soil is healthy, it will surround the plant with Probiotic (healthy) biology and will overpower the disease pathogens protecting the plant from disease, stress and insects.

Additionally, we add humates, organic carbons and humic acids to the soil. Carbon is a dramatic catalyst to release many nutrients tied up in the soil and not available to the plant, such as phosphorus, iron and others. This makes nutrients in the soil available, resulting in free fertilizer.

Sodium is a major issue in many areas of the western US and on coastal resorts. It will become toxic in the soil and the landscapes will lose green color and look like it is dying, which it is. The landscape is slowly being poisoned by sodium.

However, organic carbon and humates that are added to the soil by fertigation will buffer the sodium and release it to travel below the roots and safely away from the plant. This is one of many holistic solutions to sodium issues in the soil.

Our Sustainable program brings nature into the process of managing a resort landscape. It does work and it has already worked on many resorts, landscapes, sports fields and golf courses across the US and the world. Turf Feeding Systems has been the leader in this field for over thirty years across the US and worldwide.

We have thousands of systems on golf courses like Spyglass Hill Pebble Beach, The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas and the 2016 Olympic Golf Course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have systems on many parks and sports field for cities like Denver, CO (300 acres), the city of Elk Grove, CA (120 acres), Beverly Hills, CA and many more.

We would like to help your resort in building the highest quality landscape for less cost. We offer leasing programs for 150 acre golf courses to get a total package program for $250 per month. The golf course will save $10,000 to over $25,000 annually and have the dramatic quality.

We can do offer the same leasing packaged program for your resort. Just call us (713) 849-9040 and let us change your resort now, to have the most stunning landscape ever imagined.

Look at our web site www.turffeeding.com

Michael Chaplinsky
President – Turf Feeding Systems