Withum Announces a Trumponomics Think Tank

Lena Combs & Tom Durkee

Partners Tom Durkee and Lena Combs of the timeshare division of CPA firm WithumSmith+Brown, PC (Withum) announced the formation of its “Trumponomics Think Tank,” a group of industry thought leaders who will provide commentary on President Trump’s proposed tax, international business, insurance, healthcare reform and energy policies. Insights will also address the potential impact on the stock market and inflation.

Withum’s highly credentialed Think Tank team will provide expert commentary and projections regarding the latest developments in these and other related areas of specialization. Thought leadership from the team will be generated to address current changes and updates to be released on Withum’s website (www.Withum.com). 

“It’s a bit early at this point to estimate the impact of a Trump presidency on the economy. With that said, there is reason to be optimistic that proposed tax reform and infrastructure investment (if well thought out) would be positive for the economy over the medium and long term. How things play out with respect to trade is also something we will be watching closely,” said Jason Kunkel, CFA, CBE, FRM, Withum’s certified business economist.

“We expect the combination of a firming labor market and a pro-growth, pro-business agenda will likely lead to a steady increase in the cost of money. Unlike yields in Europe and Japan, which have been negative for some time, U.S. interest rates remain positive and are moving higher. Furthermore, we would not be surprised to see negative real-rate differentials that currently exist to rapidly decline by late 2017/early 2018 as short-term rates catch up to the rate of inflation,” said Jim Ferrare, CFA, CPA, Managing Partner of Withum Wealth Management, the firm’s investment advisory affiliate.

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