Vacation Ownership Pros Discuss Improving Customer Satisfaction Rates & Promoting Owner Engagement

Resort Trades Learning Center 08.13.2020 Lisa Kobek Sean Coogan

Join us for a free, online, interactive event August 13, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EST with Sean Coogan, Welk Resort Group, & Lisa Kobek, CustomerCount®

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, Resort Trades magazine is hosting an interactive town hall to assist timeshare (vacation ownership) resort operators succeed in maintaining communications with owners/members during these difficult times. A registration form for the free event, videos of past events, and current updates about the session are available at

Supported by sponsor companies that are, themselves, intensely engaged in communications and which include The Contact Group, CustomerCount®, and GBG & Associates, the session is open to anyone with questions such as:

  • In view of the Coronavirus situation, are there any special communication strategies available?
  • What people skills are needed on the part of a resort team at this time of emotional stress and financial upheaval?
  • How can a resort establish face-to-face engagement before check-in, during a visitor’s stay, and following their departure?
  • What useful information can be obtained from online surveys and how can operators avoid pitfalls in structuring a survey campaign?
Lisa Kobek EVP of Client Services and Operations CustomerCount
Lisa Kobek EVP of Client Services and Operations CustomerCount

Since 2014, Lisa Kobek has been EVP of Client Services and Operations with CustomerCount, which is an online enterprise customer feedback solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Her job is to oversee client management, service delivery, and product development processes Kobek will explain why there’s much more to simply distributing a DIY survey to measure the customer experience. She will cover:

  • A general list of best practices
  • Using surveys as communication tools to engage owners
  • Things to think about when developing questions
  • Compliance with government rules and regulations
  • How to choose a delivery method.
Sean Coogan is the Vice President of Resort Operations at Welk Resorts

Sean Coogan is the Vice President of Resort Operations at Welk Resorts, one of the most respected independent brands in the vacation ownership industry.  Sean joined the Welk organization in 1988 and has been fortunate to develop through the ranks of the company starting in the Theatre, then becoming the Director of Operations in 2006, moving on to General Manager in 2009 and Regional Director. In 2018 he was promoted to his current position where he remains today as VP. He will be sharing from his ‘feet-on-the-ground’ experience gained by overseeing resorts located in California, Colorado, Missouri, and Baja California Sur, Mexico, including the following:

  • Welk survey structure
  • Segmentation and trends
  • Team Member recognition/counseling
  • Corporate awareness and alignment
  • Core Service Standards          

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