True Incentive Unveils a Fresh Approach to Incentive-Based Marketing

Drew Brittain

True Incentive, a Florida based company that provides direct marketing solutions with marketing and sales incentives, has re-envisioned the marketing incentives industry, unveiling a fresh approach that can be used in applications ranging from event marketing to online member retention programs, as well as direct mail, telemarketing and loyalty programs to name a few. SEO marketing is great to bring more traffic to your website, citations and local seo can also do this and will help your business thrive! You can see the effect of your SEO marketing through the aid of KPI reports, which can show you the marketing strength and weaknesses of your business. This can help you to improve your overall marketing strategy. You can find out more about marketing solutions by checking out different events or try these tips on creating a good KPI digital marketing report!
True Incentive recently unveiled its enhanced product offerings at ARDA World 2016, the timeshare industry’s annual convention held in Hollywood, FL.

Perhaps the most notable component of True Incentive’s products are the new enhancements that increase the speed and delivery of their travel incentives. According to True Incentive, current consumer experience has an average ‘Life in Process’ of 173 days. With the company’s new product, that process for the consumer is now completed in under 70 days on average, dramatically increasing the speed of delivery.

“One of our goals is to maximize marketing dollars by matching the specific geographics, demographics or psychographics specific to our clients’ needs. In addition, we extend the basic principles of direct marketing to include our clients’ audience values, opinions, attitudes, interests and lifestyles,” said Drew Brittain, Vice President of Sales. There are businesses that find that direct marketing using an item such as catalogs could be a great way of building awareness for a brand since catalog printing is popular for sales.

“As we keep evolving and adapting to an ever-changing marketing environment. we now give our clients and their customers the ability to access True Incentive’s most popular products electronically both in English and Spanish,” continued Brittain.

When True Incentive responded to their B2B clients’ demand to provide information to customers quickly and efficiently it resulted in being first in the travel incentive world to offer a digital incentive delivery system called e-Perk.

With 25 years’ experience, True Incentive’s on-line registration and booking engines are now considered state-of-the-art in the marketing incentives industry.

About True Incentive

True Incentives offers a combination of tried and true options as well as new and innovative choices that are designed to impact a company’s marketing and sales objectives. Land vacations, airfare and cruises are continually updated to reflect market demand. To learn more about True Incentive visit