True Incentive Motivates Consumers in New and Effective Ways

(FT. LAUDERDALE) August 1, 2018True Incentive, a Florida based company that provides direct marketing solutions with marketing and sales incentives,  has recently expanded its services to stimulate consumer motivation with three unique offerings: TruePerkTrueAir and TrueLead.  Designed to improve customer loyalty, brand awareness and revenue, the new services expand the options available to True Incentive’s client base. 

True Incentive is known for its incentive product innovation and quality service provided to B2B clients.  The company offers a dynamic online catalog of its products such as land vacations, airfare and cruises designed to impact a company’s marketing and sales objectives.  The catalog is  continually updated with improved product descriptions, details and pricing.

Taylor Billington, True Incentive’s CEO says, “We are proud of our new and improved offerings.  These initiatives exemplify True Incentive’s ongoing evolution into the digital arena.”

TruePerk, a digital incentive delivery system, is an enhancement of “e-Perk”  which the company introduced in late 2016. The system now supports customer self-service and client-managed distribution as well as eliminates the need for face-to-face interaction. With TruePerk, travel incentives are no longer confined to conventional paper distribution, since they are digitally distributed immediately.  While increasing engagement and response with target audiences, clients who use TruePerk  free up cashflow and streamline logistics in house.  In addition, by eliminating the restrictions of conventional paper certificates, TruePerk is a much greener alternative.

TrueAir is designed to enhance ownership, membership and loyalty programs by using client program points, credits or rewards to purchase airline tickets.  Owners and Members using TrueAir may use cash and points to purchase airline tickets and even earn airline rewards on each ticket purchased. With cost-effective  TrueAir, the client-managed program benefits both consumers and client companies by offering an easy-to use-platform in which the clients may set preferences to fit their company standards.  

TrueLead  offers B2C and B2B direct marketers the ability to monetize acquired lead inventories by selecting the mode of correspondence with appropriately paired response incentives.  By driving the highest possible usage levels and using additional travel options, True Incentive professionals guide their B2B clients through the process to ensure customer engagement through their choice of direct mail, email, ringless voice mail and text, depending on existing permissions.

The company has exhibited a great degree of success this past year and anticipates continuing that prosperity. 

According to Gary Baron, Founder of True Incentive, “TruePerk, TrueAir and True Lead are particularly effective services.  They are part of our significant growth and are impacting substantial sales and marketing increases for our clients.“

With decades of experience represented on the True Incentive team,  knowledgeable sales associates are skilled in recommending and fashioning which of the many programs for marketers in numerous industries will bring best results.

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