An excellent service to offer your guests while giving your resort a low-maintenance revenue source is AquaVault®, a unique and portable outdoor safe (lock box). Rent out or sell AquaVaults at check-in, poolside, in the gift shop or activity center. They are attractive, lightweight and super easy to use; there’s little-to-no training involved.

Your guests can insert their valuables such as cash, mobile phones, credit cards and sunglasses into these hardy, water resistant cases and then affix them to almost any beach or poolside lounge chair. Or they can lock them onto almost anything: baby carriages, bike racks, golf carts – there are so many applications. They are made out of heavy-duty ABS thermo-plastic so they can’t be broken into. Users can set a pin code to securely lock them in place onto a stationery object while they enjoy the beach, pool, golf course, ski lift or other activity. These handy cases even look impregnable, so would-be thieves aren’t tempted.

Guests can easily register their passcode to be retrieved later on by themselves or with your staff’s assistance via mobile device or email. Your owners or guests may even become so enamored with their AquaVault, they’ll want to buy one to take home (which means more revenue for you)!

The result? Guests enjoy optimal peace of mind while the resort adds an extra splash of profits to their bottom line. Put in your order by contacting AquaVault® at, (800)-939-0735. Visit