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TSS is cutting-edge, browser-based software for multi-property management.

Perhaps no other industry in the world understands the significance of customer service as well as those of us in Hospitality. At TSS, we believe for us to be successful, our customers must have the system and services they need to be successful too, and that is why we have made it a personal commitment to protect our client’s investment. Over the years, we have demonstrated that commitment by providing a listening ear to our customers and users, incorporating their input into the development of our software and the delivery of our services. Our goal as an organization is to provide systems and support geared towards increasing our clients’ revenue by creating for them a working environment with efficiently maximized staff. At TSS, we believe in working in partnership with our clients to supply the best and latest technology tools that will help them serve their guests better and contribute to their bottom line. Our comprehensive software application is built to automate all operational areas of complex timeshare resorts, travel clubs, and entire multi-resort groups.

At TSS, we understand that each resort or travel club has unique requirements, and that is why we make our systems adaptable to our clients’ needs to run in the cloud, all in a Windows or mobile environment to accommodate all technology philosophies. At the same time, we ensure they are built for speed and security with Oracle database and the latest Java Angular and front-end technology.

The motivating force behind our young team is the success of our clients! We are in partnership with our clients to provide the best technology and most active support services possible to make their operations more profitable and efficient. Our team members are passionate about what they do, and we strive to create an environment that brings that passion to life.

“TSSI delivered the only web-based enterprise software with Oracle on the back end available in the business. It’s secure, redundant, highly customizable and scalable. For an organization like ours with multiple resorts, points, and weeks-based environments, and complex API, data-mining and CRM requirements – TSSI’s software and the services they provide was our best and only choice.”

R. Scott MacGregor President, US Operations | The American Resort Collection
  • Complete Front Desk Feature – manage your inventory and reservations
  • MF Management – Bulk Automated invoicing
  • Rental Management – Generate revenue for MF’s by renting for your owners. Automatic proceed processing. It’s a win win!
  • Extensive Reporting for full control of your A/R, A/P
  • Bulk Emails – newsletter, reservation/bill reminders etc.
  • Credit Card Processing directly through the system to your bank
  • Channel Manager – SiteMinder or Direct Booking.com, Expedia integrations – auto sync reservations, just add availability.
  • Owner Portal – allows owners to self-manage their reservations and process payments.

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