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SPI Software

 Timeshare software developer, SPI Software, today announced real-time interface capability to Concord Servicing Corporation’s portfolio management service. SPI Software’s interface with Concord Servicing improves operational efficiencies for SPI Orange System users by providing automatic, real-time updates to owner account information, and therefore eliminates the inefficiencies of manual postings. This online access to real-time data will help timeshare resort properties maintain an accurate, timely financial history of their timeshare owners.

Wherever owner-related financial data is needed by the resort property, the Concord Servicing interface immediately updates the SPI Orange System with the latest loan and/or dues payment history data from Concord Servicing. This capability provides the front desk and accounting staff with up-to-date account aging and balance information as decisional input when accepting reservations and other related transactions. Once retrieved from Concord, the payment data is automatically stored in the SPI Orange System as part of SPI’s single-system management approach.

“SPI Software’s real-time access to Concord’s financial data will have an immediate benefit to our resort customers that employ the Concord Service,” says SPI CEO George Stemper. This integrated service is a powerful tool that enforces contract rules and presents account balances as transactions are being processed.

About SPI Software
SPI Software provides resort developers and operators of timeshare, vacation club and mixed-use properties with comprehensive software solutions. SPI’s flagship software product, SPI Orange System, includes modules for marketing, sales, property management, finance, maintenance fees, receivables servicing, centralized reservations, owner services, advanced web reporting and website applications.

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Founded in 1988, Concord Servicing Corporation [concordservicing.com] is a leading force in the portfolio servicing and financial technology industries. Presently servicing nearly two million unsecured consumer obligations, Concord manages a portfolio of approximately $4.8 billion. The company has grown to encompass nearly 200 dedicated professionals located at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as in Mexico City and Cancun, Mexico.