Rimco Marketing Products

Connie Jones of Rimco Marketing Products in Orlando has been a timeshare industry supplier and ARDA exhibitor since 1984, designing and manufacturing custom packaging for owner kits and other printed materials. The list of companies she has served ranges from the largest branded timeshare developers to smaller independent resorts.

During the 34 years that she has been in business, Connie has worked with resort creative teams helping them develop trend-setting products that meet their marketing criteria, and then produce those designs in one of their factories. No matter the complexity of the request, if a client wants their logo on any kind of box or container, Connie can figure out a way to do it.

She has made everything from a custom trifold presentation box for Hard Rock in velvet, leather and metal – which was awarded the Best Rigid Box by the North American Packaging Association – to a custom-branded wooden box containing a bottle of Spanish beer with a pair of castanets around the neck for a product roll out. When the box was opened, rhythmic Spanish music started playing, revealing the bottle of beer and a press release.

Their manufacturing plants are located throughout the United States and offshore. Each Rimco manufacturing partner is a recognized expert in their specific industry, enabling them to offer unlimited material and construction possibilities. Products include custom binders, bags, boxes, tablet technology, video brochures, promotional items and much more. Just about any type of presentation product you want to put your logo or name on, they can create it.

Adds Connie, “Our packaging professionals include sales associates from varied creative backgrounds… design, marketing, advertising and printing… so that every client’s needs are recognized and understood by the Rimco sales team.”

Connie’s first custom timeshare package was for Marriott. “The package was designed to display all of their collateral so it could be presented to potential owners in an organized fashion instead of piling many documents into an envelope. That first package design ultimately made its way to many other timeshare companies, thanks to Marriott’s passing our name along to other resorts,” said Connie.

In 2015, Rimco’s client, Starwood Vacation Ownership was awarded the ARDA Gold for their New Member Package. With functionality and continued usability a starting requirement for the project, the folio was designed to hold presentation collateral and additional printed materials for owners.

As the timeshare industry has evolved, Rimco has stayed ahead of changing trends. Today, much of the packaging her company produces holds technology along with or instead of print. Says Connie, “Web keys drive recipients to landing pages and web sites. USB drives contain the massive amount of required legal documents and video brochures add emotion.”

This year at ARDA, Rimco introduced Tuch Tablets, their newest industry partner. Tablet menus and resort directories have been around for several years and Tuch has produced the easiest and most intuitive tablets in the marketplace; they are interactive as well as informational. Rather than creating programs for commercially available tablets, Tuch tablets are manufactured and software developed to serve specific functions, making them cost effective for menus and in-room directory binders. Wi-fi and analytics allow management to update and make changes immediately on site or from a remote location.

Many resorts are immersed in green initiatives and Tuch Tablets advance compliance quickly and are a natural progression from paper. With the ever-changing timeshare materials, Connie explains that we are seeing our technology embraced because it delivers impressive presentations that can be quickly implemented and changed as needed without the expense of discarding printed collateral. Digital content is transforming the owner package.

On October 12 and 13 the Orlando-based company is hosting their 3rd Annual Brand Packaging Showcase to introduce the latest materials and ideas. “We’ve found that developer’s creative teams seem to be overwhelmed with ownership names and logo changes. This puts a huge amount of pressure on the people responsible for messaging … as well the look and feel of supporting products. Our showcase gives the creative team and those working on these processes an afternoon to meet manufacturers, see new materials and learn how they can be used. It has been one of our most successful ways to engage the people who design the changing look,” Connie concludes. For information on the event, contact Rimco at 407-290-0883.