Lemonjuice Hires Jan Barrow as VP, Business Development

Jan Barrow VP Business Development of Lemonjuice

Lemonjuice Capital Holdings, LLC, CEO Alex Krakovsky and EVP of Operations Scott MacGregor are pleased to announce that Jan Barrow has joined the company as Vice President of Business Development, where she will oversee the company’s trademark process of Reimagining Resorts™, as well as assisting in the provision of communications and technology services.

“Jan will be supporting Lemonjuice in the restructuring of timeshare, hotel, and condo-hotel properties, and in servicing and retaining customer relationships,” says Krakovsky. “Her extensive experience, energy, and creative abilities will be invaluable to Lemonjuice as we work to reorganize, plan, and implement strategies to help our partners improve their properties and attain their highest and best use.”

“We are extremely pleased to add Jan to the growing Lemonjuice team of real estate and resort professionals,” says MacGregor. “Delivering customized solutions to each of the properties we serve and great outcomes for their owners requires a wide range of skills and experiences, and Jan brings new energy and perspectives to our leadership team. Initially, Jan’s focus is on helping our internal departments that contribute to the Reimagination process – technology, communications, and team support – to work together more effectively and seamlessly. Our resort clients and their many stakeholders will certainly benefit from Jan’s participation. Her talent in the area of public relations, media, and communication processes will make her an invaluable partner for our clients. Plus, she will help expand our timeshare technology business through our strategic partnership with TimeshareSoft International (TSSI).”

“After many years working on the exchange and resort management sectors of the industry, it is both interesting and intriguing to be working in a new space in the leisure and real estate industries,” Barrow says. “Helping with several restructuring projects is helping educate me about Lemonjuice’s unique and innovative approach. At present, I’m becoming immersed in several initiatives to restructure properties and assist in retaining customer relationships. The ability to assist on so many levels, including technology, communications, and public relations, is extremely stimulating and rewarding.”

Barrow has worked in the vacation ownership and resort timesharing industry for more than 24 years. She worked for one of the world’s largest exchange companies before she transitioned to working for an independent management company in the industry. She has served resort developers and associations in a variety of capacities. Jan is known as a respected leader, communicator, and consensus builder, as well as a motivated executive with expertise in resort timesharing, team building, business development, relationship management, account service, and business-to-business sales. Prior to joining the leisure, hospitality, and vacation ownership industry, she was a product marketing manager for FlightSafety International, a worldwide leader in aviation and pilot training.

Jan holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida Southern College and is a licensed community association manager, licensed real estate broker, and registered resort professional.

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