RNS Timeshare Management Software

RNS started in the TS business back in the early 1990’s, working with fixed and floating time resorts that needed help with their owners, unit/weeks and guests, along with the maintenance fees and collections.

As we all know, you must keep a resort fluid with cash if you’re going to survive in the aging resort management business today. Billing and collecting maintenance fees, along with reservations and rentals are the key in keeping the resort running smoothly and profitably.

At RNS, we pride ourselves in providing an All-In-One solution that is affordable for all resorts, even the small ones that only manage a dozen units. It scales up to manage hundreds of units, or multiple resorts all in the same package (perfect for management companies).

  • Key Benefits for Resorts or Managers using RNS Timeshare Mgmt. Software
  • Simple, easy to manage, tape chart style  reservation board system
  • Drag & drop reservation management for  owners, renters and exchangers
  • Reservations tie to your website to expose  your available weeks for rent
  • Includes “responsive” web pages for booking  reservations on smartphones
  • Cloud-based software that you access from  anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Complete maintenance fee billing module  including taxes and special assessments
  • Detailed collection reports assisting with  managing the Account Receivables (A/R)
  • Secure credit card processing for owner/ guest payments and on your website also

A Solution for aging resorts

At many resorts, a large part of the ownership base is aging out and more and more of the weeks are becoming unused.  So a resort has to be pro-active in making use of those unused or unsold weeks in order to keep cash flow up for the resort and HOA.  With the strength of the rental features that are built into the RNS Timeshare Mgmt. Solution, you can set all the unused inventory to rentable, build rate tables that include daily or weekly rates including discounts and upcharges, and show all of this on your website so that travelers can search, review and book your unused inventory. This is a must in today’s technology driven hospitality environment!

With RNS Timeshare Management Software you’ll have the technology to properly manage the resorts inventory.  Without the proper tools, you can’t do the job for the HOA.  The proper TS management solution is the answer!

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Easy, Affordable TS Technology