Kay Park celebrates 65 years

Kay Park-Recreation Corp is celebrating 65 YEARS manufacturing “America’s Finest” accessories!

Kay Park Table, Grill, and Trash Receptacle
Kay Park Table, Grill, and Trash Receptacle

It all began in 1954. After the Great Depression and World War II ended, there was a push in the US during the 1950s to create more parks for families to enjoy this beautiful country. But, during the war the decade before, many manufacturing companies had changed their facilities to help the war effort, so there were not many manufacturers suited to manufacturing equipment for the public parks. A young entrepreneur by the name of Keith Borglum, (nicknamed ‘Kay’ by his grandmother,) was approached about making some steel picnic grills for nearby Cedar Falls parks. He had already been manufacturing other equipment on his parents’ farm and was intrigued by the idea. And so it began!
Kay Park-Recreation got started fabricating steel grills for public use in rural Iowa. As word traveled, Kay was soon asked to make picnic tables and benches, and soon it went beyond Iowa, making delivery of park equipment to other states. As the years went by, the business grew right along with Kay himself. He married, had sons, and the company grew into a family business, making more and more products, supplying outdoor equipment all over the US, and the world.

Keith and his wife Joyce enjoyed the business so much, they both worked well into their eighties! Today Kay Park Recreation is run by the next generation, their sons, Larry Borglum and Chris Borglum. They honor Kay’s commitment to using quality materials, and skilled US craftsman to provide superior amenities for Resorts, Camps, Municipalities, Schools, Apartment Communities, Athletic Clubs, Amusement Parks and more! The product line has expanded from picnic grills and tables in the 50s to innovating and offering a wide variety of benches, trash receptacles, bleachers, pedal boats and so much more!

The staff at Kay Park is some of the friendliest around, who has never forgotten the value of the customers! Keith instilled in every one his deep appreciation for the customers, knowing they are the reason we exist, grow and do what we do! There have been many long-lasting friendships built between Kay Park staff and customers over the last 65 years!

Kay Park-Recreation is very grateful for the opportunity to serve them and, looks forward to many more lasting relationships with our customers!

After 65 years, Kay Park now prints a 96 page product catalog that features a wide variety of outdoor amenities and equipment. Besides steel grills and fire rings, they have picnic tables and benches in a variety of styles and materials, including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, PVC coated expanded metal, recycled plastic, powder-coated steel, and concrete. They make bleachers in many sizes to accommodate varying crowds, from 2 rows 9 ft units to a 10 row, highway towable, hydraulic folding Speedy Bleacher, and numerous in between! They have several steel and concrete outdoor drinking fountains to choose from. Litter receptacles of many shapes and sizes are also offered. A new complete line of Dog Park Equipment has ramps, hoops, jumps, pet waste stations and an aesthetic fire hydrant which is popular for today’s Dog Parks! For entertainment amenities, Kay Park has an outdoor ping pong table with a customizable net and concrete bag toss units that can withstand outdoor weather conditions and heavy public use! Their commercial duty fiberglass pedal boats come in a variety of solid and glitter color options and are virtually maintenance-free!

Kay Park Dog Park Equipment
Kay Park Dog Park Equipment

Kay Park has an extensive, user-friendly website as well. You are invited to check it out, view the product line and request a catalog. You will find something for just about anyone wanting to add value to their venue with some new outdoor amenities! The quality service and products Kay Park provides as a business today is unmatched! And, who knows, you just may find a new lasting friendship in the journey as well!

Help them celebrate 65 years strong! Call 1-800-553-2476 or visit www.kaypark.com today!