Fox Business Reporter Maria Bartiromo interviews Diamond Resorts’ Mike Flaskey

Mike Flaskey

It’s only been two years since Resort Trades’ publisher Sharon Scott Wilson had the privilege of interviewing Diamond Resorts CEO Michael Flaskey for Resort Trades magazine. According to Wilson, “He recently did an awesome job discussing millennials with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. I noted he was still heartily enthused about hosting musical events exclusive to Diamond members. Specifically, he mentioned a couple of my favorites: country music stars Cole Swindell and Lee Ann Womack, who blends soul, gospel, and blues with a country overlay.”

In the 2017 Resort Trades article, Flaskey foresees a future base of prospective vacation owners in the younger generation of adult Americans. “We will be taking a look at the product to see how it fits with the needs and preferences of millennials,” he said at the time. It would appear Flaskey has made some strides in that direction according to his remarks during Bartiromo’s interview:

“The American people are working; they’re traveling,” he told her. “Travel has been at the forefront in our industry…. In our world, [we’re] looking at the next generation, millennials. For years, the baby boomers have been the core demographic of the vacation ownership industry. We’ve created some cool new products that are short-term. They can walk away from it after ten years. We’re seeing a record number of folks coming in at the top of the funnel from that millennial demographic.”

In our earlier interview, Mike told me, “We pride ourselves on innovation. To be successful, we have to be on the cutting edge since we don’t have the benefit of a hotel brand. Because we need to continually look for ways to compete, we create intriguing products that will be inspirational to customers.”

Flakey’s objective is pretty clear: continued growth and expansion so that even more families can enjoy ‘Vacations for Life®.’  “I thought in 2017 and I think now that running the Diamond Resorts operation from top to bottom to make this happen may be a tall order,” says Wilson. “But, with his charisma, intellect, and enough energy to light the Las Vegas Strip, my guess is, he’s the right guy for the job.”

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