Edgeco’s Anti-Bacterial-Fire Resistant Cart Covers For Linen, Central Supply And Other Infection Control Applications Feature Velcro Closure

Edgeco Cart Cover

EDGECO’S Fire Resistant Cart Covers keep clean linens clean, protect against contamination, and meet current regulations of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals.

All corners and other wear points are reinforced for extra durability, all seams are double-sewn for extra strength, all fabrics are selected for maximum serviceability.

Fabrics offered include heavy duty, machine washable Denier Nylon cloth; EDGECO’S “sponge wipe clean” soil-resistant vinyl-laminated nylon material and Staph-Check, an anti-bacterial fabric for infection control applications

EDGECO’S cart covers are custom-designed for exact fit, taking into account not only the size of the cart, but its purpose, and the special needs of the institution where it will be used.

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