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CustomerCount®, the cloud-based customer feedback management system, has launched WRAP (Worldwide Research Analytics Program), an expanded qualitative analysis that combines touchpoint sentiment and accuracy with industry expertise and insights. CustomerCount’s WRAP is specially tailored to address client’s strategic and tactical priorities through an affiliate relationship with industry veteran, Howard A. Bendell, RRP.

According to Bendell, “the new subscription-based service takes customer feedback to a new level, offering the expertise necessary to formulate conclusions and offer tactical, operationally based recommendations oriented to improve service efficiencies and drive profitability.”

CustomerCount offers clients a comprehensive and robust top-level, quantitative reporting suite, that provides essential insights to survey results. WRAP expands upon these capabilities by offering optional reporting enhancements that reveal deep insights into customer attitudes and sentiments, while identifying areas for process and service improvement.

Robert A. Kobek, RRP, CustomerCount’s president, says the affiliation with Bendell expands the breadth of industry experience CustomerCount offers its clients and enhances the value proposition it provides. “With the advent of this program, CustomerCount clients now enjoy greater levels of choice – our core robust, quantitative data interpretation and access to enhanced analytical reporting, designed to align with their strategic priorities. We are excited to introduce WRAP as our next evolution of analytical insight and thought leadership.”

WRAP is intended to look beyond the numbers generated by CustomerCount’s customer experience surveys. Its enriched analysis combines salient data observations with industry centric insights designed to create distinct competitive differentiation, while adhering to each client’s unique strategic initiatives.

WRAP participation will be subject to separate engagement through an exclusive relationship with Bendell. A tiered pricing model, based upon the depth of analysis desired and the number of individual resort sites to be evaluated will allow those interested to select the program that best suits their business needs. “The ability to uniquely marry customer experience with meaningful and actionable insights creates a distinct competitive advantage, and I’m excited to support CustomerCount with this program,” said Bendell.

To learn more about WRAP, contact Bob Kobek at CustomerCount.

About CustomerCount®
CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on requested updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Developed and managed by Mobius Vendor Partners, CustomerCount was initially designed for the timeshare and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries. For more information, visit or call 317-816-6000. Follow them at on Twitter @CustomerCount or

About Howard A. Bendell, RRP
Howard A. Bendell, RRP is an independent resort advisor, who brings more than 25 years of combined resort real estate ownership experience to aid his clients. Throughout his career, Bendell has been actively involved in the development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, new programs and products, and has managed industry and consumer-based research efforts. His areas of specialty include consumer-centric industry research and the design and implementation of flexible use vacation products. For more information, contact Mr. Bendell at 305-282-3269 or via email at

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