Colebrook Financial finances Starpoint Resort Group’s acquisition of Highlands Resorts

Colebrook Financial Company of Middletown, Connecticut, announced that it has provided acquisition financing to BQ Resorts for the assets purchase of Highlands Resorts, which included the management contracts and appurtenant real estate, and sales, marketing, and resort operations in Sedona, Arizona. Almost 300 employees of Highlands Resorts were fully transitioned to BQ Resorts and its affiliates. Highlands Resorts was the premier timeshare developer/operator in the Sedona community for almost 20 years and became the anchor for the timeshare industry in Sedona.  Starpoint and Colebrook have had a lending relationship since 2003 and Highlands and Colebrook have had a relationship since 2009.


“Since we knew both companies so well, it was much easier for us to underwrite the acquisition loan than it would have been for a company that wasn’t familiar with the situation,” said Colebrook’s Bill Ryczek. “We’re happy for both of our customers.  Todd was a pleasure to work with and it’s exciting to see his great legacy in Sedona moving onward to greater heights while allowing him to more fully focus on his other business interests and activities here and abroad.”


“This transaction stages the great work and legacy matured by Todd Herrick [developer and owner of Highlands Resorts] and the Highlands team over the last twenty years,” said BQ CEO Mike Muldoon, “to be carried on and more fully developed for the benefit of the local community and the resorts’ members by BQ Resorts.  Both resorts, Sedona Pines Resort and Verde Ridge Resort, will be added to the Sapphire Resorts Club and managed by GetAways Resorts Management, which will deliver exciting new opportunities, benefits, and services to the resorts and their members.”


BQ Resorts is owned by its founder, Mike Muldoon, and TZP Group, a New York-based private equity firm with decades of experience in the timeshare industry and hospitality sector. Sapphire Resorts is a points-based timeshare club which entitles owners to usage at any resort within the club’s 37 resorts. GetAways Resorts Management and its affiliates manage 32 resorts throughout the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America, representing the interests of more than 100,000 timeshare members around the world.  


“It was a pleasure working though the transaction process with Todd, who has become a trusted friend,” said Muldoon.


“It was a great 20-year run,” Herrick said of his time in Sedona.  “Colebrook was there for me when I needed them the most—after the crash of 2008.”


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