Buchanan Creative Solutions Announces Launch

Video and Marketing Solutions Company Commits to Creativity and Affordability

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 6, 2018) –Buchanan Creative Solutions announces the launch of a new video and marketing solutions company, focused on personalized service and powerful messaging to help clients grow their business.

“No two companies are alike.  With a proven record in design, illustration, animation and editing, our strength is the ability to partner with each client and bring their communications to life through video,” said Yuri Duncan, CEO of the new company. “Whether you are a startup, an established small company or a department within a large organization, Buchanan Creative Solutions can help you effectively educate customers and promote the products and services you offer. Our goal is to provide the most professional yet affordable solution available.”

Rich Paliwoda, President of Global Business Development, with 25 years of experience in the hospitality, telecommunications and financial services industries with companies including Cendant, Wyndham Worldwide, Lucent Technologies, AT&T and Reuters, helps clients improve and grow their business with Buchanan’s engaging video solutions.  

“Unlike many overpriced and generic services widely available throughout the market today,” says Paliwoda, “we believe every production, no matter how large or small, is just as important as making a feature film.  We take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs so we can deliver tailored, superior quality, reasonably priced solutions.”

“In today’s world, where everyone is competing for business, video is proven to be the best way to deliver a message and engage an audience,” says Duncan.  “Buchanan helps companies to harness that power for digital marketing, email marketing, trade shows and social media.  Whatever method of communication is appropriate for a product or service, video can enhance it.”

For more information about the new creative agency visit www.buchananplanet.com.