Breckenridge Grand Vacations Supports Nonprofits with $316,760 in Grants to 31 Organizations

Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Summit and Park County nonprofit organizations have been awarded a total of $3,446,365 in the last seven years by Breckenridge Grand Vacations’ (BGV) Grant Program. Grants supported a variety of community needs including programs and general operations for a variety of human services, education and environmental programs; books for Summit School District classrooms; AED placements, education, and community engagement; a variety of scholarship programs; avalanche safety and awareness education; theatre and music programs; youth athletic programs; tutoring assistance and more.

“This fall, BGV Gives received $422,196 in grant requests,” said Deb Edwards, BGV Gives Program Manager. “We take great pride in being able to support so many of our community organizations that provide important programs for our residents and guests. Our nonprofit organizations provide a myriad of critical and essential services, as well as the quality of life offerings. Their contributions make living and working here so special.”

BGV awards grants to local organizations during two annual cycles: one in the spring and another in the fall. During the 2021 fall cycle, grants were awarded as follows: Human Services – thirteen grants for $162,000, Education – twelve grants for $82,260, Art & Culture – two grants for $17,500, Environment – one grant for $20,000 and Sports & Recreation – three grants for $35,000.

In 2021, more than $1.1 million has been awarded by Breckenridge Grand Vacations in cash and in-kind contributions through their Donor Advised Funds at The Summit Foundation and directly from the company through BGV Gives.

Several organizations shared their visions for growth and development amongst their excitement when the award news was announced on December 20, 2021.

John Longhill from Blue River Horse Center in Silverthorne said, “We are so grateful for the funding provided to Blue River Horse Center. These funds will allow us to further expand our offerings with our ‘Leadership Awareness with Horses’ program for Summit County residents and provide more scholarships for local youth. There is something magical that happens when a horse shows a child (or adult) how they are acting, in ways they are not aware of. The horse essentially ‘tells’ us when we are being successful or not, by being reflections of our behavior. As a result, we can quickly modify our actions in ways that are more loving, kinder and more compassionate.”

In addition, the ever-impacting Building Hope Summit County was also awarded funds this grant cycle. Executive Director, Jennifer McAtamney, shared, “BGV’s support over the years has been incredible and has enabled us to serve the community in multiple ways, from connected events to combat isolation to small grant programs supporting people in recovery, BGV Gives has helped fund all of these programs. We additionally have incredible participation from BGV on our board of directors; these individuals are beacons of leadership around behavioral health and wellness in our community.”

Kristin Williams, Development Director at Keystone Science School offered, “Keystone Science School is immensely grateful to Breckenridge Grand Vacations and BGV Gives for the generous grant which will support our nonprofit’s Summit Day Camp and After School Programs and our annual event, Sipping for Science. Summit Day Camp and After School provides up to 250 Summit School District students a year with ongoing studies of science in our local mountains, reading, and social-emotional learning. Families and our workforce benefit from the programs providing vital childcare so that parents can maintain their full-time work schedules and companies retain valued employees. The generous sliding fee scale for summer alone distributed $185,000 of fundraised dollars directly to families.”

Breckenridge Grand Vacations has a history of playing an active role in the community encouraging its employees to volunteer at local events and for philanthropic causes through paid volunteer hours.

Through the end of November 2021, BGV employees volunteered more than 3,323 total hours to community organizations equating to well over $100,000 in employer-paid volunteer time off. BGV also supports our community by being one of the largest year-round local employers with more than 650 staff members, implementing a culture of excellence in customer service that develops and supports employees.

To learn more about the BGV Gives Program, please contact Deb Edwards at (970) 547-8748 or go to BGV’s Director of Corporate Affairs & PR, please contact Juli Rathke at (970) 423-4251.


Founded in 2016, the BGV Gives Program was established to facilitate and further extend Breckenridge Grand Vacations’ philanthropic reach and impact in Summit County and the surrounding area. Inspired by the late BGV Owner/Developer, Rob Millisor, this charitable program honors his example of service to others by supporting the local nonprofit community. BGV is excited and humbled to continue Rob’s legacy of giving through fundraising, sponsorships, grants, volunteering, and in-kind donations on behalf of those in need, with a primary focus on health, human services, and education. With guidance from the BGV Gives Program Manager, Deb Edwards, this program is committed to growing BGV’s local contributions and inspiring fellow community members to give more by providing resources and opportunities to help others in need.