Bay Tree Solutions BuyerProtection+ Takes Fear Out of Timeshare Buying and Selling Process

Doug Milbrath, CEO of Bay Tree Solutions

Bay Tree Solutions, one of the timeshare industry’s most robust and ethical online timeshare marketplaces, places consumer security at the top of its commitments. Dedicated to answering common complaints about timeshare resales, and ensuring their clients have the best possibility to sell at a fair price, Bay Tree Solutions offers BuyerProtection+. BuyerProtection+ is specifically designed to address concerns about the cost of selling a timeshare.
“Our buyers receive the best guarantee in the industry,” said Doug Milbrath, CEO of Bay Tree Solutions. “If you buy a timeshare advertised on and are not happy with it for any reason, simply contact us and we will help you sell the timeshare completely free of charge.”

In addition to offering BuyerProtection+ to consumers who purchase a timeshare advertised on Bay Tree Solutions’ Timeshare Marketplace, the company also offers advice to current owners of timeshares who are considering putting it into the secondary market. Timeshare owners who want to sell have an important role to play in their own success.

Milbrath says there are three important components to selling your timeshare:

  1. Keep your timeshare talk positive: Before you decide to vent publicly about your timeshare or the sale process in any way, consider whether you would want your potential buyer reading it.
  2. Use your timeshare until it sells: If your property ends up taking longer to sell, make sure you continue to use your week. Your annual maintenance fee becomes a good deal if you get a great vacation out of it.
  3. Don’t panic if your timeshare doesn’t sell immediately: Once you accept that selling your timeshare may take some time, get it on the market as soon as you can and then get back to your life knowing that it’s just a matter of time.

Milbrath says he and his team are always available to discuss the ins and outs of advertising, selling, buying and renting a timeshare. Call 800-647-4130 or visit Bay Tree Solutions for more information.

About Bay Tree Solutions

Founded in 2006, Bay Tree Solutions advertises resales at resort properties in active sales. By avoiding depressed properties and desperate sellers, Bay Tree clients are able to sell their timeshare at prices considerably higher than their closest competitors. Bay Tree Solutions is a proud member of ARDA, an eleven year member of MAC (Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce) and the Greater Atlanta BBB. For more information contact Doug Milbrath @ 800-647-4130. LinkedIn @BayTreeSolutions.