ARDA World 2016 – Beg, Borrow or Steal; BUT BE THERE!

Networking – See old friends, meet new people and forge relationships. There is no other event that will present you with so many opportunities to connect with leaders from hundreds of companies.

Stay Current – ARDA World is a great way to stay up on trends and best practices by visiting the exhibit hall, networking and meeting people and attending more than 40 educational sessions.

Get inspired – as one of ARDA World’s past attendees said, “There is no gathering in the world like ARDA. It is the one place that anybody who is a power player in the industry gets together once a year.”

ARDA Award Finalists

2016 Sales and Marketing Division Finalists

11: Marketing Management Executive

Russ Gilliland – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Marlene Reyes – International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), Inc.

Sara Yolac – Hilton Grand Vacations

12: Marketing Manager or Team

About to Expire Team – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Robert George – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Ryan Huff – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

13: Marketing Programs

Dream Vacation Week – Interval International

Herencia – Haciendas & Casonas – Royal Holiday

Jason Johnson – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Priority One (P1) Marketing Model – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

RCI Online Tour Generation – RCI

Vacation Concierge – Exploria Resorts

14: Alliance Partner

Interval’s Affiliate Advantages – Interval International

RCI Affiliate Access – RCI

Wyndham Rewards Call Transfer Program – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

15: Call Center

Central Reservations – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

GBS International Call Center – GBS International

Owner Services Team – Fidelity National Timeshare

16: Sales Management Executive

Santa Barillas – Exploria Resorts

Lazarus Baz – Hilton Grand Vacations

Nancy Hutchings – Hilton Grand Vacations

Dana Peterson – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Anton Subagi – Karma Group

17: Sales VLO/QAO Contact Manager

Jennifer Cooper – Exploria Resorts

Jessica Sutfin – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

18: Sales Training Program or Sales Trainer

Bab Farrier – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Royal Connect – Royal Holiday

Amy Tyndall – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Vacation Dreams Start Here – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

19: Salesperson: Traditional Line

Robbie Leopard – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Samuel Maltese – Hilton Grand Vacations

Suraj Naik – Karma Group

Andrew Wetherington – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

20: Salesperson: In House

Jose Rangel – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Hadje Rasseedeen – Karma Group

Amel Sellami – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Christian Skowlund – Hilton Grand Vacations

21: Sales Team

Orlando In-house Sales Team – Hilton Grand Vacations

Summer Bay Orlando In House Sales Team – Exploria Resorts

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Training Team – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

22: Project Team

Colonial Crossing Resort, Williamsburg Resort – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Grand Colorado on Peak 8 – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Cedar – Bluegreen Vacations

Team Puerto Vallarta – Royal Holiday

Management & Administration Division Finalists 

23: Business Administration Manager/Team: Finance, Accounting, HOA

Wayne Hulme – Sheraton Vistana Resort, Starwood Vacation Ownership

Jennifer McNabb – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Stacey Mullis – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Tanya Nunez – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

SVO Portfolio Services Team – Starwood Vacation Ownership

Summer Bay Orlando HOA Management Team – Exploria Resorts

24: Business Administration Team Member: Finance, Accounting, HOA

Breanna Barton – Welk Resorts

Billie Joe Frontz – Bluegreen Vacations

Kim Iannone – Bluegreen Vacations

Josh King – Holiday Inn Club Vacatons

Barbara McMullan – Exploria Resorts

25: Business Administration Manager/Team: Contract Administration, Processing, Legal, Title or Registration

Owner Support Program Administration Team – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Administration Team – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

27: Inventory Revenue Management Manager/Team

Heidi Bodalia – Exploria Resorts

Inventory Management Team – Hilton Grand Vacations

Kristy Cook – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Vacation Rental Department – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

28: Owner/Customer Relations Manager/Team

Jay Dudnath – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Grand Pacific Vacation Services – Grand Pacific Resort Management

Interval International Support Department – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Owner Services and Contact Center Operations Team – Diamond Resort International

29: Owner/Customer Relations Team Member

Kimberly Bilyeu – Bluegreen Vacations

Shaun Champatsingh – Hilton Grand Vacations

James Cummons – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Nabila Meshur – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

David Sierra – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

32: Reputation Management Team or Team Member

Exploria Resorts Brand Services Team – Exploria Resorts

RCI Timeshare Online Listening Center Team – RCISVR Administration-Dassie Shuta & Maria Ortiz Sheraton Vistana Resorts

33: Graphic Design Professional or Team

Brand Services Team – Hilton Grand Vacations

Design Team – Global Connections, Inc.

Graphic Design Team – Starwood Vacation Ownership

Lee Ramirez – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

RCI Visual Communications Team – RCI

34: Human Resources Professional

Kelly Canady – Bluegreen Vacations

Jill Candler – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Sacha Chojnacki – Starwood Vacation Ownership

Karen Haskew – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Melissa Lenox – Hilton Grand Vacations

35: Human Resources Team

RCI Latin America Human Resources Team – RCI

Recruitment Team – Starwood Vacation Ownership

Hospitality Field Recruiting Team – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

36: Training and Development Manager or Team

Academy of Learning and Development – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Department Manager Bench Program – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Keith Muchow – Starwood Vacation Ownership

Andrea Puchaty – Sheraton Vistana Resort

Training Team – Diamond Resorts International

37: Technology Project Manager or Team

Melissa Gordon – Katana Software

Salesforce Implementation Team – Bluegreen Vacations

Technology & Innovation Team – Karma Group

38: Activities Program Manager or Team

Lori Chilton – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Emmanuel De Leon – Welk Resorts

Eric Holland – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Misty Treadway – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

VIP Events – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

39: Activities Program

Activities Team – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

INSPIRED Program (Patrick Dolan) Welk Resorts

Vacations for Life Summer Family Fun – Diamond Resorts International

40: Safety/Security Manager or Team

Luis Garcia – Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club

Darrel Jackson – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Aziz Ndiaye – Sheraton Vistana Resorts

Jaime Torres – Hilton Grand Vacations

Scott Wilson – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

41: Resort General Manager

Michael Croake – Bluegreen Vacations

Laurie Del Sole – Hilton Grand Vacations

Rob Gunther – Hilton Grand Vacations

Stephen Prial – Bluegreen Vacations

Neha Sharma – Karma Group

Raymond Smalley – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

42: Resort Assistant Manager

Lena Corral – Bluegreen Vacations

Eny Kusuma Dewi – Karma Group

Arno Pfeffer – Sheraton Vistana Villages

Dany Rodas – Hilton Grand Vacations

Michele Townsley – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

43: Resort Department Manager

Chris Cathcart – Welk Resorts

Karen Haley – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Brenda Lee – Hilton Grand Vacations

Heather Redmond – Exploria Resorts

Jorge Reyes – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Orlando Zurita – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

44: Resort Operations Team Member/Team

Brittany Babin – Bluegreen Vacations

Ada Ma – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Jolie Myers – Hilton Grand Vacations

PCB Front Desk – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Transportation Services – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

45: Construction/Design Team or Project Manager

Carly Morris – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Chris Noraka – Breckenridge Grand Vacations

46: Maintenance Team Member or Manager

George Aminio – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Omar Bartista – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

John Brooks – Sheraton Vistana Villages

Kimberly Dove – Bluegreen Vacations

Steve Mannon – Welk Resorts

47: Housekeeping Manager

Geoff Drake – Karma Group

Shalanda James – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Jesus Montano – Hilton Grand Vacations

Ana Plancarte – MasterCorp

Anabel Ragasa – Grand Pacific Resort Management

48: Housekeeping Team Member

Khalid Benfiala – Sheraton Vistana Resort

Josh Campbell – MasterCorp

Mabel Colon – Exploria Resorts

Robert Irvin – MasterCorp

Roger Moore – Bluegreen Vacations

49: Green Sustainable Program within a Resort

Green Engage – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Wyndham Branson Meadows Sales & Operations Center – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

“You Tidy We Treat” Program – Sheraton Vistana Resort

Hacienda Tres Ríos Resort, Spa & Nature Park – Sunset World Resorts and Vacation Experiences

2016 Advertising, Promotion and Communications Division Finalists

50: Logo Design

Don Miranda Logo – Brand Tango

Shari Levitin Logo – Brand Tango / Shari Levitin

Diamond Resorts Invitational Logo – Diamond Resorts International

SAMMYS Octane Logo – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Harvest for Hunger Logo – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

52: Brochure: More than 8 pages

Gold Advantage Welcome Brochure – Brand Tango / DAE

HGV Kings’ Land Sales Brochure – Hilton Grand Vacations

Masters Trip Brochure (Tahoe) Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Dream Vacation Week – Interval International

RCI-Disney Vacation Club Engagement Brochure – RCI

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific President’s Club 2015 Booklet – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

54: Newsletter: Electronic Format

The Vacationer – Diamond Resorts International

Pocket Guides: Tahoe and SoCal Editions – Grand Pacific Resorts

Club Traveler – Hilton Grand Vacations

Communique Newsletter – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Pulse Newsletter – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

55: Magazine: Print

Disney Files Magazine – Disney Vacation Club

Club Traveler – Hilton Grand Vacations

HGV Ola Magazine – Hilton Grand Vacations

Travel Planner – Interval International

Faces + Places “City Escape” (Spring 2015) Wyndham Vacation Ownership

56: Magazine: Electronic Format

AMResorts Unlimited Vacation Club: Life Unlimited Magazine – Brand Tango / Unlimited Vacation Club by AMResorts

VACATIONmode Summer Edition 2015 – Exploria Resorts

Time Together Fall/Winter 2015/2016 – Grand Pacific Resorts

RCI Ventures Q2 2015 Magazine app for Ipad – RCI

Destinations Magazine, July 2015 – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

57: Magazine Advertisement

DAE “Let’s Change Exchange” Print Ad – Brand Tango / DAE

Global’s Got What You Need – Global Connections, Inc.

RCI Referral Ad – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Ovation by Wyndham Advertorial – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

58: Direct Mail

DAE Free Membership Welcome Mailer – Brand Tango / DAE

Explore More – Exploria Resorts

HGV Owner Referral Package Offer – Hilton Grand Vacations

59: Integrated Marketing Campaign

DAE Let’s Change Exchange Campaign B2C Brand Tango / DAE

Win 1,000,000 American Express Membership Rewards – International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), Inc.

March Into Savings, Getaway Sale – Interval International

RCI 360, Print, Online – RCI

2015 CMN Torch Relay Campaign – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Riddles in the Sand – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

60: Special Event

Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise – Disney Vacation Club

Masters Trip (Arizona) Holiday Inn Club Vacations – SAMMYS

Holiday Inn Club Vacations – VIP Cruise

International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), Inc.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Weekly Welcome Party – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Sheraton Vistana Resort 35th Anniversary – Starwood Vacation Ownership

Triathalon Hacienda Tres Rios – Sunset World Resorts and Vacation Experiences

61: New Owner/Member Welcome Kit

Destinations by Club Meliá New Member Kit – Brand Tango / Club Meliá

Elite Welcome Kit – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

62: New Member Package: Digital

Karisma Exotic & Prestige Travelers Digital Member Kit – Brand Tango / Exotic & Prestige Travelers Clubs by Karisma

CLUB WYNDHAM New Owner Welcome & Quick Start Guide – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

GlobeQuest Travel Club Membership Kit – GBS International

63: Sales Center Materials

Silverleaf Vacation Store Digital Sales Center – Brand Tango/ Silverleaf Resorts

HGV Lagoon Tower – Hilton Grand Vacations

River Island Sales Center – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Interval Interactive Kiosk – Interval International

Private Reserve – International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), Inc.

64: Social Media Campaign

ICE Corporate Facebook – International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), Inc.

Interval’s Social Media Campaign – Interval International

WeChat Launch Campaign in China – RCI

Starwood Vacation Ownership Social Media Campaign – Starwood Vacation Ownership

Dream Destinations – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

66: Video Production: Sales Film

Silverleaf Vacation Store: Heartbeats Video – Brand Tango / Silverleaf Resorts

Breckenridge Grand Vacations – Generator Systems Ltd

Hyatt Ka’aanapali Beach- “Meet the Family” Hyatt Vacation Ownership

Moments of our Lives – Lenzworks Productions

The Concept – Royal Holiday

67: Video Production: Other

Resort Development Organisation – RDO – Embracing Change

HGV Ocean Oak Fly-Through – Hilton Grand Vacations

Real Members, Real Stories Mandarin – Interval International

Hard Rock Hotel Puerto Vallarta – Lenzworks Productions

Orlando Magic Rentals Video – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

69/70: Website: Large Developer/Industry Partner (categories combined) – Brand Tango / Shari Levitin

Club Traveler Website – Hilton Grand Vacations

Maui Microsite – Hyatt Vacation Ownership

Westgate Cruise & Travel Website – International Cruise Excursions (ICE), Inc. – RCI – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

2016 Resort Design Finalists

72: Resort Architecture

Paradise Point Building 3 – Bluegreen Resorts

Ocean 22 by Hilton Grand Vacations – Hilton Grand Vacations & Garvin Design Group

Lakeshore Reserve – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

73: Interior Design

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows – Disney Vacation Club

Ocean 22 by Hilton Grand Vacations – Hilton Grand Vacations & Garvin Design Group

Oceana Palms – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

The Fitness Center at Welk Resort – Welk Resorts

Northstar Lodge Fremont Building – Welk Resorts

Wyndham Resort at Avon – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

La Herencia II – Sunset World Resorts and Vacation Experiences

74: Refurbishment: Unit

Disney’s Hilton Head Resort – Disney Vacation Club

Hammocks at Marathon Resort – Bluegreen Vacations

Solara Surfside – Bluegreen Vacations

Willow Ridge Lodge – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

WorldMark Victoria – Wyndham Vacation Ownership

75: Refurbishment: Common Area

The Fountains Resort – Bluegreen Vacations

Oyster Bay Beach Resort- Infinity Restaurant and Bar – Pabor Design Group and Joseph Allan & Company

Ocean Sands Resort Private Balcony and Patio Addition – VSA Resorts

76: Amenities

Ocean 22 by Hilton Grand Vacations – Hilton Grand Vacations & Garvin Design Group

Yin Yang Health & Wellness Spa – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Deja View Beach – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Estrella Restaurante – Welk Resorts

Water Park – Westgate Town Center

77: Sales Center

Lakeshore Reserve – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Preview Center at Summer Bay Orlando – Sena Hospitality Design, Inc.

Northstar Sales Center – Welk Resorts