When Sam Montross invented the world’s first bed doubler, a product that allows an easy and safe way to quickly combine twin beds into a seamless king, she was simply trying to solve her own challenge. Her ski rental in Tahoe had rooms with queen beds but, like most rentals, she put twin beds in one room for flexibility in accommodating more people. Sam was trying to build repeat business and sleeping on two twins pushed together is most uncomfortable – plus, there is the issue of liability from guests getting injured if the beds came apart. She needed a quick, comfortable way to safely accommodate her guests. Out of that necessity, the Twin Doubler, now called the Easy King, (and Cadence Keen Innovations) was born.

First introduction was at the IHM&R show in 1998 where at the kick off presentation Jeff Weinstein, editor of Hotel magazine, suggested the product was one of the most innovative products to come along. Many hotels are in old buildings and cannot get a king bed into the room. Many timeshares and spas such as Canyon Ranch use twin beds for flexible room accommodations. Use of the Twin Doubler helped increase RevPar.

The first way to maximize: The Easy King Bed Doubler

Although other suppliers come to Cadence Keen Innovations (CKI) to represent their new products, Sam has held on to her mission of only having products that provide an innovative solution to the challenges of timeshares and hotels. CKI products are designed specifically for the industry, built with the quality to withstand rigorous abuse.

In 2004, Steven Gordon joined the company with the task of increasing sales and developing international markets. Steven had built two entrepreneurial starts-up into multi million dollar businesses. Nothing Steven had done before, however, prepared him for the challenging and exciting world of hospitality. He was impressed by the integrity of the hotel customers, their friendliness and openness. Within four years he had tripled the size of CKI. And, within five years Steven became president.

Starting 20 years ago with the Twin Doubler and Create A King, to the Bed MadeEZ mattress lifter that eliminates housekeepers’ workers comp claims at hotels (thus significantly lowering hotel insurance premiums) and is recommended by the insurance industry and even OSHA, these simple yet innovative products have changed the industry – and increased revenue or protected investments for the hospitality industry!

“What makes this business so engaging and invigorating is being able to introduce new products to customers that helps them succeed in their challenging jobs. CKI products have an actual impact on their bottom line.”

Changing the Way Beds are Made

With customers such as Rosewood Properties to chains like Disney, Hyatt and Best Western there are nothing but innovative firsts from CKI. When bed bugs became an issue, CKI was the first to introduce to hospitality a quality encasement with a zip-off top making installation and cleaning far more efficient. CKI’s designs are still the easiest encasements to install. And they are the only company to make custom encasements for any size mattress, box spring and pillow, including for sofa sleepers.

Unrivaled protection for your investment and your guests.

Innovative companies like CFI/Westgate have partnered with CKI to protect their investments in sleeper sofa mattresses while giving their guests a healthier, anti allergen sleep experience.

Adding to the bed accessories, CKI offers the amazing Lock-N Bag for contaminated bed linens. The Lock-N is a biodegradable laundry containment bag that housekeepers fill with soiled or contaminated linens. The bag is dropped directly into the washer where it dissolves, leaving no residue behind.

This year CKI will be launching the world’s first encasements with an interchangeable top!

Life is never dull at CKI. Hospitality customers keep them challenged and CKI is rewarded with their loyal business. Their quality will always remain the best and innovation, unrivaled. “Our mission is to ensure that no customer who buys a CKI product will ever be disappointed—nor their guests. It is the CKI way,” says Sam. And it’s your way to maximize your bottom line. Visit www.ckiSolutions.us