2 Books to Help Improve the Image of Timeshare

“The Buying Curve” helps sales people understand that how they portray themselves, and their company, has a huge effect on a consumer’s buying decision and ultimately whether or not they, and their company become more successful. A large part of any sales success is based on your understanding and avoiding the 7 Deadly Sales Sins. It is these 7 ¨sins¨ that tend to give the industry its ¨black eye¨ image and by understanding what causes them and how to resolve them can dramatically increase your sales percentage, but also minimize negativity on social media sites, which is beneficial to everyone associated with the industry. Sales people, whether they are new to the business or old dogs that need new tricks, are now learning it has become imperative to evolve, especially now in our ever more transparent market place.

The book was written by David Fitzgerald who is often regarded as the “Real Deal” in the timeshare and vacation ownership business based on his 30 years of sales and financial success. During this time, he has produced close to one billion dollars in sales from his start in Europe and then going on to sell in U.S. and Caribbean markets before landing in Mexico, where he now lives and still continues to train and mentor sales personnel many of which have gone on to be extremely successful themselves. David´s personal statistics are a 54% net close with a personal volume of over US $65,000,000 and an efficiency of US $8,500.

Has the public perception of the timeshare industry improved in this new millennium? Has social media impacted the timeshare industry?

In addition to co-authoring The Buying Curve, Karen Holden has just released Simplifying Timeshare – 2nd Edition.

Supported by an industry working tirelessly to improve its negative image, you can find out the answers to these questions. As the industry continues to prove itself by offering a viable high end vacation alternative, it is imperative that sales and member resort personnel need to adapt accordingly. We all know that today´s buyers are much savvier and understand the importance of their non-working time as well as how to help shape their vacations and lifestyle choices but are you savvier in understanding the industry you work in?

How can it help? Resorts are using the book as a Member Services tool it to educate their Member Services staff as well as their Member base in weekly ¨Timeshare 101¨ classes many resorts hold for members who are staying with them.
It also can help reduce member service calls on basic use and ¨how do we do this?¨ questions and ¨how do we exchange?¨ For example, helping members better understand why it is important to pay maintenance fees which can reduce fee delinquency rates and make resorts easier to promote and sell! One chapter even helps explain those pesky timeshare scams and how to help both your members and the resort work together to stop this practice.

The book may also useful as a SALES tool by showing potential buyers that there is something out there for them to learn how to use it – reducing buying remorse and cancellation rates! Sales people then can focus on sales and not worry about educating their prospects during the sales presentation!! There are even some resorts that are now including it with membership packages at the time of purchase.
The most important reason you should read the books – to provide real and factual buying and/or user information on the timeshare/vacation ownership industry to help to eliminate the negative stigma and perception.

Karen has been involved in the timeshare industry since she purchased her first timeshare in 1979 and over the years has accumulated 16 weeks in 4 countries. Karen Holden moved to Puerto Vallarta over 20 years ago in the attempt to semi-retire form a world of corporate restructuring, including mergers and acquisitions, however she continues to utilize her business background to help resorts grow and expand or rejuvenate, depending on the needs of the project or property owner(s).
Both books available on www.authorhouse.com www.amazon.com www.barnesandnoble.com