Employee Satisfaction

One of the most critical assets for hospitality businesses is their people. As the hospitality industry continues to suffer the brunt of labor shortages, employee retention is a significant issue that businesses face. It can be challenging to find qualified people to replace lost employees. Additionally, it is costly to train new employees and work on getting them integrated into their roles if you can even find qualified talent.

Employees may choose to leave a company for a variety of reasons. Better compensation, a higher-level position, or even a better work environment can be enticing to even the most loyal team members. To counteract all that, consistently working on improving employee satisfaction is extremely important. It’s the little things that can make day-to-day work-life more enjoyable. Statistics show that happy employees are more productive, more creative, increase profitability, and have reduced turnover. The following are just a few ideas to help attract quality employees and improve job satisfaction.

1. Show appreciation

Whether it’s a simple “thank you” or a “good job,” a little appreciation goes a long way in keeping employees motivated and feeling valued. Be sincere in offering praise or recognition and celebrate individual achievements with the group and even social media channels.

2. Provide regular feedback

Giving employees feedback helps them know where they stand. It not only defines expectations, but also tells them if they are doing good work, where they need to improve, and helps to motivate them. Some employees may worry about their performance if they do not get regular feedback. It’s essential to be transparent so that team members are not surprised by annual reviews as well as giving them the chance to improve and grow.

3. Value their opinions

Show employees that they are an important part of your organization and that their thoughts matter. They may surprise you with a great idea or way to solve a problem!

4. Conduct employee surveys and solicit feedback

Requesting anonymous feedback periodically can help uncover ways to improve the work environment and culture. Consider conducting annual surveys that ask for feedback in specific areas, such as compensation, work-life balance, teamwork, and so on. Team member advisory boards can also provide a forum for people to share what they are hearing inside their teams and provide solutions that can be implemented by management. Lastly, solicit employee feedback through a suggestion box that allows them to place anonymous suggestions or thoughts for improvements. The answers received could be valuable to understanding what employees really want and providing solutions to increase satisfaction in the jobs.

5. Build relationships

Make an effort to engage employees in conversation and show genuine interest in them. Having team lunches or sponsoring office events goes a long way when it comes to employee goodwill. Consider having an office picnic or getting together to see a sporting event. When you build work relationships, it increases employee satisfaction and feelings of belonging and inclusion as well as promotes great organizational culture.

6. Promptly work to resolve any disputes

Problems in the workplace can significantly affect the work environment. Once you become aware of any issues, it is important for management and/or human resources to do what is needed to help resolve any problems in the best manner possible. Resolving issues timely sends a message about what is and is not acceptable and helps to establish a more level playing field.

7. Encourage work-life balance

It is essential for team members to have time for both their personal life and work life. If they are overworked, it can cause stress in their personal lives. Some common ways to help establish some balance are through flexible work plans, mindfulness exercises, the ability to work remotely, and other programs that promote both mental and physical well-being.

8. Compensate them fairly

Prove to your employees that you value them by paying them fairly and giving them regular raises. Compensation information is readily accessible on the internet, and although not always accurate or relevant, it establishes an expectation for those who access it. It’s easy for an employee to feel undervalued based on compensation alone.

9. Offer good employee benefits

From great insurance packages to cellphone allowances or technology reimbursements, every benefit offered helps increase employee satisfaction and can differentiate one organization from another.

10. Provide great incentives and rewards

A good way to energize employees is by providing recognition and rewards, which do not have to be expensive or elaborate. Items such as team lunches, lottery tickets, company swag, etc. can go a long way in keeping team members happy, engaged, and energized.

11. Educate and train

Working with employees directly not only helps to develop them, but it also shows care about their personal growth and career development. It helps them to become better and more efficient at their jobs. Making internal and external training options available to team members can be an effective way to develop their knowledge, increase performance, and ultimately deliver excellent customer service.

12. Encourage career growth

Help employees grow through goal setting and other means. Make sure they are aware of what advancement opportunities exist and the criteria to get to the next level. Provide them with mentors or career coaches for additional guidance. Feeling a sense of purpose and growth is important in keeping good employees satisfied and increasing their contribution to your organization.


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