Why Timeshare Owners Trust Lemonjuice

R. Scott MacGregor, COO and Executive Vice President Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions

Since 2016, Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions has revitalized and restructured resorts located throughout the United States renewing timeshare owners’ confidence through a process called, ‘Reimagining Resorts™.’ The company has earned the trust of owners by working with homeowner association boards, making capital improvements, and providing solutions for owners and resorts.

The company has invested more than $20 million in restoring the infrastructure of aging resorts, helped generate approximately $14.5 million for timeshare owners, and has cleared thousands of defective titles created by ‘exit companies.’ (For over a decade, unscrupulous exit companies have been a scourge on the industry and preying on innocent timeshare owners by charging exorbitant amounts to place their real estate titles in here-today-gone-tomorrow corporations, which financially damage associations causing many to become insolvent.) By working through the Resort Reimagination process, Lemonjuice often revitalizes failing resorts and when a board decides to restructure, Lemonjuice creates alternative solutions for the timeshare owners. Solutions can include swapping them into healthy, financially sound resorts or points-based travel clubs, or providing them a monetary distribution for their timeshare when their property is sold.

“Detractors have attempted to paint us as being ‘anti-timeshare’ and out to shut down resorts,” says COO Scott MacGregor. “In fact, I’m pleased to be part of Lemonjuice as the capstone to a career in advocating for timeshare owners, resorts, and supporting operations because it is a great story for timeshare: We’re giving owners real options and the opportunity to realize what was sold to them initially – the ability to sell it when they are done.”

Through Resort Reimagination, Lemonjuice works to provide solutions for every facet of the vacation ownership resort, including:

  • Owners – giving real vacationing options and not pushing them into the arms of the relief companies, or forcing them to walk away;
  • Boards – providing them with tools, resources, and perspectives beyond traditional management to enable them to fulfill their mandates as board members in the service of their constituents;
  • Associations – helping them to plan the logistics associated with sunsets, tenancies in common, or outdated termination provisions, navigating their aging infrastructure and changing environments, and infusing capital;
  • Communities – aligning outdated and often blighted properties with their modern redevelopment, zoning, and environmental standards;
  • Exchange companies – updating declining properties and re-engaging owners in products based on the flexible use, multi-site programs they have promoted for years; 
  • The timeshare industry as a whole – fulfilling the promise of products that will accommodate owners through their lives and changing vacation needs, provide them an exit with dignity when needed, removing the conditions which foster relief and resale scams, preventing resorts from declining and failing, and telling the story of how the industry has cared for its customers; and
  • The traveling public in general – helping to promote “residential accommodations” with housekeeping, amenities, and professional services.

About Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions

Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions (www.LemonjuiceSolutions.com) reimagines resort properties by leveraging our decades of timeshare experience with real estate expertise, to serve the best interests of owners and boards. By investing capital and company resources in projects, rather than simply being a paid service-provider, Lemonjuice aligns its interests and outcomes with the property’s owners, managers, investors, and stakeholders. We identify new pathways to revitalize and reinvigorate properties to produce a more financially sound footing. Learn how to unlock the hidden value in your resort property today by calling Jan at 863-602-8804 or email her at Jan.Barrow@Lemonjuice.biz.

Lemonjuice has now completed successful workouts for properties in Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, and Texas, and has ongoing projects throughout United States.

For more information, contact Solutions@Lemonjuice.biz.