What Are Your Guests Packing For Vacation? Impress Your Guests With This App

Here’s a great idea for your guests. With modern technology ready to upgrade every vacation, why not take advantage of this cool App? Going on vacation, or traveling for any reason, never again means you leave the workouts or yoga or meditation at home. Offer your guests this App and watch t them light up when they discover they will be able to do their favorite yoga, meditation or fitness at your resort, 24/7!

Grokker is an online fitness, yoga, meditation and cooking video program that is the perfect weightless wellness tool that you can easily take with you.  No matter where you are, this online and Video on Demand APP provides every level of yoga, fitness, meditation, and even cooking classes, all taught by world experts.

Grokker offers lush, high definition videos, with every level from beginner to advanced, for all of its classes. Now, along with your online access, Grokker has launched its new Amazon Video on Demand service, along with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Comcast, making it easier than ever to work out, meditate, do yoga or cook at home on your TV as well as online.  Continuing to deliver on its promise to help you “Be a Better You ® ,” Grokker has thousands of Premium expert-led video classes to help you be the healthiest, happiest possible version of yourself.

Grokker’s exclusive, stunning HD video library is produced in-house and offers video classes led by handpicked instructors to suit everyone from newbie beginners to advanced pros. With new videos added daily and a robust workout calendar that effortlessly schedules and tracks your progress, Grokker is perfect to help travelers look and feel relaxed and amazing. Designed for busy people on the go, Grokker can be accessed online on all devices, on tablets, and on Video on Demand. Resort guests can simply upload the App at www.Grokker.com and start their two week free trial!

“With Grokker, there is now an all-in-one portable yoga, fitness, meditation and cooking video service  making personal wellness accessible to everyone however and whenever they want — mobile, web, and now on Amazon  in your own living room,” said Grokker Founder and CEO, Lorna Borenstein. “Grokker is expert-led and community-driven so our members are never alone as they pursue their wellness goals. It’s like having a private yoga lesson or personal trainer or meditation expert available in your own home whenever it’s convenient for you. For every traveler, this is a wonderful tool, since it’s on their smart phones or laptops or even on their Video on Demand, no matter where they go.”

Check out www.Grokker.com.