Water Tech team takes on fitness challenge for swimsuit season

Water Tech, manufacturer of well-known Pool Blaster battery operated pool cleaners, recently decided to have a company-wide ‘fitness challenge’ to get ready for summer.  Fitting for our industry, the goal is for everyone in the company to be ready for summer fashion, including swimsuits!   With more than 99% participation, just about everyone at Water Tech took the challenge.  Each employee created a unique goal to lose a certain number of pounds or body fat.  “We combined all of our personal goals to set an overall company goal to be accomplished by Memorial Day weekend, for the start of the summer swim season” says Marissa Gill, Human Resources Manager for Water Tech and organizer of the fitness challenge.  The fitness challenge kicked off in January of 2019 and employees have already achieved more than 70% of their company goal.  “People are running at lunch, taking more walking breaks throughout the day and even using our products as weights to increase their muscle mass,” says Guy Erlich, President of Water Tech.  “It is so encouraging and hilarious seeing people ‘curl’ our Pool Blaster at their desks while speaking to customers on the phone!”    

“Water Tech is going to kick off the summer season with a big pool party to celebrate our improved, company-wide fitness achievements,” says Erlich.  “Our success so far makes me confident this team is going to be ready for a summer of swimming and exercise as we are sure to achieve our fitness goals!”

Website:  www.watertechcorp.com

Phone:  800-298-8800