Turn-key housekeeping for Vacation Ownership Resorts

Our Story.

Sun Hospitality was founded in 2004 to address significant challenges in one of the most important operational departments in the vacation resort industry: Housekeeping. Often the largest department, with the greatest level of turnover and the most costly to staff and train; much of the time unseen, but their presence is always felt. We recognized quickly that timeshare resorts did not need to incur greater costs by having a professional housekeeping services company engaged as a seamless member of their operating team.

Sun’s primary objective is to apply our outstanding hospitality and resort services expertise, offering our clients efficient, turn-key solutions with service excellence and unparalleled accountability. With over 60 years of combined hospitality operations and resort services experience, Sun’s vision is to shine the light on our most valuable asset, our people. Hospitality is people and our people are results driven. Sun has now expanded our services into the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest regions.

At Sun Hospitality, our Philosophy is…

Services provided to resorts in conjunction with their operations must be seamless to the vacationer. We participate directly in ensuring a positive vacation experience for the owners and guests. In their eyes we are a team member of the total property.

How we achieve this is through a fully cooperative nature and spirit, superior communication strategies, and accountability. We recognize challenges presented are unique opportunities for solutions and incorporate exactly that attitude in our approach to solving and working through them.

At Sun Hospitality, our Mission is…

Service is what we provide. While we perform specific tasks to support the timeshare resort’s operations, every member of our team demonstrates we understand that our service is shown in the way we appear, the way we act, and the way we perform.

Understanding that in order for our team members to provide the best service levels in the industry, we must provide our employees with an environment of appreciation, respect, and working conditions conducive to performing their tasks to the best of their ability.

Nothing will stop us from maintaining the greatest level of integrity in the industry. We will operate the facilities under our control with the highest level of accountability and professionalism.

How Do We Achieve Success?

It is no secret that cleanliness contributes significantly to a positive guest experience. Sun maintains high standards for quality through our fully trained professionals. From our Inspectors to our Regional Directors, our supervisors are accredited with Sun Certified Inspector (SCI) designation as they complete our extensive training program.

Through our experienced staff, Quality Assurance program and dedicated field management, we stand accountable to ensure our clients and guests a successful rental program. With Sun’s organizational structure, we ensure higher standards of professionalism and direction. Most importantly, our clients receive controlled costs as we assume all the accountability and expenses associated with general liability insurance, workman’s compensation, and employee benefits administration.

Bottom Line.

We accept the challenges of the housekeeping operations which allows our clients to focus on their owners’ needs and rental bank management marketing and production.

All vacation ownership resorts vary and the housekeeping program must be specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. Sun takes the time to understand the needs of each timeshare resort and offers the level of services required.

Quality. Hospitality. Accountability. Sun Hospitality Resort Services can do this for you.

Visit www.sunhospitality.com to learn more about how we can help your resort achieve success.

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