True Incentive Moves to New Home

Taylor Billington, True Incentive CEO

True Incentive, a Florida-based company that provides incentive-based direct marketing solutions with marketing and sales incentives, has announced a move to a new home. 

The new offices are located at 2881 East Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 205, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306.

True Incentive is known for its incentive product innovation and quality service provided to B2B clients.  The company offers a dynamic online catalog of its products such as land vacations, airfare and cruises designed to impact a company’s marketing and sales objectives.  The catalog is continually updated with improved product descriptions, details, and pricing.

Highly regarded for decades of experience, True Incentive has developed a reputation for ensuring top results by recommending and fashioning innovative programs for marketers in numerous industries.  

Taylor Billington, True Incentive CEO, commented on the office relocation and future of the servicing center.  She stated, “our new facility is a much better fit for the needs of our company right now.”

Taylor remarked on the company’s home-based agent strategy and the dividends it has paid in 2020, “In 2017 we began focusing on creating a highly skilled group of home-based agents.  This effort achieved a 60% home-based agent alignment by the end of 2019. When the decision was made to temporarily close our office-based operations in March 2020, that planning and implementation served us well.” 

Taylor’s vision of the future will be to continue to develop and support an effective office-based and home-based servicing center agent alignment to provide the best possible and reliable service to customers.

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