The hospitality industry has been making a comeback, but getting “heads-in-beds” is still a challenge for even the most popular destinations. Resort developers are constantly being challenged in looking for innovative ways to attract guests. Fitness travel is a relatively new trend and destination resorts are reaching out to capture the fitness-oriented traveler. The typical approach has always been to install the traditional indoor gym that contains expensive exercise equipment that requires on-going maintenance, takes up prime indoor space, and usually has to be staffed … all expensive propositions.

The popularity of TriActive America outdoor Fitness Zones© are on the rise with municipalities, city parks, trails and even cruise lines. Communities are recognizing outdoor exercise equipment as an alternative to crowded, smelly, expensive indoor gyms. These outdoor gym installations are beginning to be noticed by resort managers as a cost effective guest draw that is low maintenance and easy to install.

TriActive America, Inc. founded the dynamic outdoor fitness equipment industry in North America and is considered the industry leader. Their equipment has been installed at over 2000 locations internationally and the equipment is designed, manufactured, assembled, and shipped from the USA. It is considered the most durable equipment on the market.
An installation of TriActive America outdoor fitness equipment can provide an alternative, fun exercise opportunity for guests and time-share travelers.

The equipment offers users the rare opportunity to get full body exercise outdoors, having an “out-of-gym” experience. TriActive can help convert an under-utilized outdoor (or indoor) space into a Fitness Zone©. The equipment is designed to withstand the harshest environments and has been installed from Florida to Alaska, at the beach and in the mountains. It is an easy, inexpensive inclusion when planning landscape upgrades and a low-cost interactive guest element for your property.

  • Costs a fraction of traditional indoor exercise equipment.
  • Uses no electricity and installs easily.
  • Virtually maintenance free and equipment has a substantial warranty.
  • Over 55 fitness products available including wheelchair accessible equipment.
  • Labels on the equipment provide exercise instructions.
  • QR codes on the labels link to online exercise demonstration videos.

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